Friday Feast!

Check out Gill for more Friday Feast Here!


If you were a dog, what breed would you be, and why?I think I would have to say German Sheppard, I’ve heard they were very loyal and the preferred family dog.


What does the color purple make you think of?Prince and purple rain!


Approximately how long does it take you to get ready each morning?If I have to I can be ready in half an hour, But I don’t like to be rushed so an hour is what I usually shoot for.

Main Course:

How many cousins do you have, and are you close to them?I have 22 cousins on my mom’s side and yes we are close! and I am not to sure about my dad’s side we weren’t that close, I remember about 6.

DessertTake your initials (first, middle, last) and come up with something else those letters could stand for. (Example: SFO = Sweet Funny Otter):

JRS – Just Right Single!

7 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Melanie
    Oct 19, 2007 @ 20:05:00

    I love your choice for your initials- Just Right Single.

  2. Andrea
    Oct 19, 2007 @ 21:39:00

    I agree — that was perfect, Regina!p.s. I’m going to add you to my blogroll right now…

  3. Gill
    Oct 20, 2007 @ 00:00:00

    I also don’t like to be rushed! I enjoyed your feast, thanks for visiting mine. Have a good weekend!

  4. Melanie
    Oct 20, 2007 @ 13:41:00

    High five on the Just Right Single!Thanks for visiting my blog and that grandbaby is BEAUTIFUL! Look at that sweet smile.

  5. Melanie
    Oct 20, 2007 @ 21:08:00

    ooooo- I like the new blue template!! Very nice!

  6. Regina
    Oct 20, 2007 @ 22:52:00

    Thanks Melanie! i figured I could not go another day with that pink, and then since you called me on it I had to make the change!

  7. Anonymous
    Oct 21, 2007 @ 08:18:00

    Hi Ms. Regina:I would be a sheep dog, a beautiful colloie rounding up God’s sheep and herding them in for the final count!Color purple – royalty.I get ready in 30 to 45 minutes, than I have to listen to TD Jakes and pray so I can really get ready. That takes longer.I don’t know about cousins, but I have many brothers and sisters.J.S. stands for Just Start – sometimes if we just start we would find out that its not nearly as hard as we thought it was.Luv Ya!

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