Terrific Tuesday!

Wow, what a day! I have been so busy today (actually doing some work!) that I didn’t get the chance to check on my friends blogs until I got home. And Surprise, Surprise, Melanie from Our Happy Happenings gave me the “Blog Friend Forever Award”. OOHH I am so excited, this is my first blogger award and I love it. I am honored that Melanie considers me a friend, She is the SWEETEST THING in Bloggsville!
I am super happy because on Monday I also won Amy Grant’s new book “Mosaic: Pieces of My Life So Far” from Dee at Christian Fiction Dee has some awesome book reviews on her site, check it out!
God always knows when your spirit needs uplifting, and I sure needed it.
My home is being insulated today (they actually just got finished, and they’ve been here since 9:30 this morning) and because my home is so old (built 1915!) and it’s never been insulated they have hit quite a few snags throughout the day. Including frying a few sockets, and having to replace them, blowing all my electricity and shooting insulation into a wall and having it come right out the pocket doors in my dining room! So in the middle of all this mess and chaos GOD still supplies our needs! (I really needed gifts!)
Thanks Melanie, Thanks Dee! I love you both!
Abundant Blessings,


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Joyismygoal
    Oct 23, 2007 @ 18:09:00

    Thanks for stopping by and your kind words how nice to have such a BFF:>

  2. Pam
    Oct 23, 2007 @ 19:25:00

    Wow! What a day! I am sorry for the insulation mess, but yeah for the rest! You totally deserve that award and I am so glad you got your first blog award- that is fun! I tagged you on my site if you want to play along!

  3. Melanie
    Oct 23, 2007 @ 19:48:00

    I’m so glad your award made you so happy! And I’m pretty excited myself that you conside me to be the sweetest thing in Bloggsville!!Hope thigs are all better now with the insulation.

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