Happy New Year 2008!!!!!

As I enter into the next year and leave the old one behind I have to write down my goals for 2008. 2007 was a very hard year but also a very blessed year. To read about some of my 2007 highlights click on this post. Graduations, births, weddings and buying a home made 2007 a stellar year. But nothing could have been accomplished, and I mean nothing without the grace and favor of God in my life. Without God 2007 could have been one of my worst years to date!

For my family and for me 2007 was the manifestation of 3 bible scriptures:

  1. Philippians 4:19 – And my God will meet all your needs according to his glorious riches in Christ Jesus.
  2. Isaiah 54:17 – No weapon formed against you shall prosper, And every tongue which rises against you in judgment you shall condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the LORD, And their righteousness is from Me,ā€ Says the LORD.
  3. Romans 8:28 – And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.

So to God I give all the glory and all of the honor, because only He is worthy!
Now for my 2008 Goals:

  1. Read entire bible in one year. [http://www.purposedrivenlife.com/]
  2. Go back to school.
  3. Start process for buying second house.
  4. Complete Family Development Credential course and receive certificate.
  5. Join at least 3 professional organizations. 1 must be a national organization.
  6. Join Toastmasters. I have a fear of public speaking in front of large crowds…
  7. Lose weight. I wont put a number of pounds now, I am still thinking about that!
  8. Change hair. I have contemplated twisting it for 2 years! I will do it in’08’!
  9. Actively & regularly work on the book I started writing in early 2007!
  10. Travel more! I see another cruise in my future!
  11. Open another bank savings account.

So Ladies and Gentlemen, there you have it, my top 11 things that I WILL do or start in 2008! And since I wrote it on my blog it helps me stay accountable so I will post regular updates!
I thank all of you who have supported (By visiting and commenting) my blog since I started in October of 2007. I loved meeting you all and look forward to forming new blog relationships and strengthening old blog relationships in 2008!
I pray that you receive all the blessings that God has for you and yours in 2008!



18 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Jen of A2eatwrite
    Dec 31, 2007 @ 12:44:00

    Happy New Year! Also, to help you with the weight loss, there’s a wonderful FREE site that’s incredibly helpful – http://www.sparkpeople.com

  2. Pam
    Dec 31, 2007 @ 13:58:00

    Happy New Year Regina! I have enjoyed getting to know you and reading your comments! You have been so kind to me and I can’t wait to read more about you and your family in the new year.great goals! We did the purpose driven life series at my church a year ago – great series. Being the teacher, of course I love that you want to complete some courses and work on those goals. You will have to keep us updated on all those goals!! I can’t wait to see the new hair! Happy New Year!

  3. jjbrock
    Dec 31, 2007 @ 14:18:00

    Happy New Year Regina.

  4. Kellan
    Dec 31, 2007 @ 14:33:00

    Hi Regina – good luck with your goals for 2008. It’s nice to see you and I hope to see more of you in 2008. Happy New Year to you and your family. Kellan

  5. chocl8t
    Dec 31, 2007 @ 15:17:00

    Hi Regina! Good luck with the 2008 Goals. I’m posting mine sometime this evening. Also, thanks for stopping by my place. I have an update on the last post…Whole Foods has made me a customer for life just due to their response to my complaint. Check it out when you have a chance. http://thechocl8tdiaries.wordpress.com/2007/12/31/papa-johns-pizza-sucks-whole-foods-pluck-your-chickens/

  6. chocl8t
    Dec 31, 2007 @ 15:18:00


  7. Talk..to..Grams
    Dec 31, 2007 @ 17:50:00

    I have been so blessed to know you too!! You have some great goals! Have a wonderful New Year! Love and Hugs Grams

  8. shae-shae
    Dec 31, 2007 @ 19:10:00

    Regina!!! Thanks so much for being such an active reader on my site. I love your comments you have great insight. I hope you achieve everything on your list. Stay blessed & have a wonderful New Year.

  9. Sharon
    Dec 31, 2007 @ 20:49:00

    Happy New Year To you too!I pray that God helps you reach each and every goal that is according to His will for your life.I do see a coupe of goals that I share.Keep the vision in sight!

  10. Andrea
    Jan 01, 2008 @ 10:16:00

    Great goals, Regina! I particularly like the new hair one!! It feels SO good to change things up once in awhile. I can’t wait to see what you do with it!

  11. Leeann
    Jan 01, 2008 @ 11:03:00

    You are so fabulous! I admire your drive and your thoughtfullness. You amaze me with your goals and aspirations. And, if I have learned anything about you from these last few months….I know that you’ll achieve them all!

  12. MsMarvalus
    Jan 01, 2008 @ 14:34:00

    Happy New Year! Again I will say that I have been blessed by meeting you this year! You are an inspiration to me…thank you!May God continue to be with you…peace and blessings!M

  13. Melanie
    Jan 01, 2008 @ 21:04:00

    Wow- that is a lot of goals. I know you can do it though!Happy New Year!(I like the new look!)

  14. Shelia
    Jan 01, 2008 @ 22:20:00

    Hey Regina! I wish you and your family all of the peace, prosperity and blessings that you deserve. You’ve got a plan girl. It’s always great to accomplish as much as you can, but the key is having direction, and that you do. Work it out girl!

    Jan 02, 2008 @ 02:04:00

    HAPPY NEW YEAR’S Regina…if there’s any way we can be of support, please let us know!love you!bria šŸ˜‰

  16. Rosemarie
    Jan 03, 2008 @ 00:09:00

    I have stood on those same scriptures numerous times, and each time He has been faithful. All the best in accomplishing each goal for 2008!

  17. zamejias
    Jan 03, 2008 @ 08:13:00

    Thanks for sharing these verses. I love all the three of them- they give me more than comfort, they encourage me to go on. Happy New Year! I hope you can accomplish the things you set -and much more- in 2008.

  18. Mary@notbefore7
    Jan 06, 2008 @ 20:00:00

    Happy New Year girl! a book? wow – go you!Hope you get that cruise soon!

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