Old School Friday #3

Well, here we are at my favorite day of the week, FRIDAY! And here we are again Old School Friday! which has turned out to be my favorite Meme! Ms Grapevine and MarvalusOne have teamed up to create a meme titled Old School Friday and since I love my classic R&B I had to sign up to join. If you want to join in the Old School Fun then go HERE for the guidelines.
I Love Old School Friday so much that I have decided to supply three selections and they are: Jennifer Holiday


Ha! Now that’s OLD SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


10 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. shae-shae
    Mar 07, 2008 @ 05:48:00

    Oooh I love all of them. :o)

  2. Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T
    Mar 07, 2008 @ 09:39:00

    hey u have a great weekend

  3. MrsGrapevine
    Mar 07, 2008 @ 11:23:00

    Regina, You are going to run out of songs. My favorite memory of Jennifer Holiday’s song, was the episode of Fresh Prince, when will lip syncs this song to Uncle Phil to get out of trouble.I saw Patti Labelle in concert for my birthday 2 years ago, her voice is so strong that she didn’t even need the mic.”Love come down, ooh you make my love…come down.” This is one of the songs that always gets stuck in my head. I will be singing this song all weekend.

  4. Rosemarie
    Mar 07, 2008 @ 12:09:00

    Three?! That’s just plain wrong. ;)I love that song sung by Jennifer Holiday! She’s speakin’ for those women who know that they know it isn’t over! Labelle is a favorite of mine. She has the “it” factor…always has. Dang, and if she don’t look better with age. The last one sounds familiar. Mine is up!

  5. Invisible Woman
    Mar 07, 2008 @ 12:09:00

    Wow, triple whammy.

  6. MsMarvalus
    Mar 07, 2008 @ 15:41:00

    Great! I love Ms. Jennifer…Love Labelle…Love Ms. Evelyn…you gon’ witcho bad self, Ms. Regina!tee hee hee…

  7. Lisa C
    Mar 07, 2008 @ 17:20:00

    Can you say SANG! Roberta is always a favorite on my list!

  8. thechocl8tdiaries
    Mar 07, 2008 @ 18:39:00

    Loved Jennifer Holiday even with the 80s shoulder pads; Patti b4 her rhinoplasty; and Evelyn!!! Great picks!!!

  9. Marcus LANGFORD
    Mar 07, 2008 @ 22:35:00

    what tha heck was patti wearing!? and what happened to her strong african-american nose!? i love these evelyn champaign king video; i love the song in general. you know me regina…i love that 80’s r&b sis so i think i got my fix.Marcus LANGFORD

  10. cassandra
    Mar 07, 2008 @ 22:36:00

    Regina…you have outdid yourself this week!! you are going to send me into a coma.

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