Blog Of The Week #6

Hi There Blogging Family!

I started a new thing a while ago and that is to post about a blog that I especially like and title it my Blog Of The Week! I have not posted one in a couple of weeks, but it is back!
Well this week I want to introduce you to a new blogging friend Tamika. Tamika is a current and promising young writer and she authors the movie blog entitled “PJS And A Movie“. In Tamika’s blog she talks about movies, movie reviews, actors, etc. She also post some very nice pictures of actors and actresses.
Please stop by Tamika’s blog and share a little blogger love with this Up and Coming Writer, Critic, and perhaps future Mega Star! When you go over please let her know that you came by way of “Regina”! have an AWESOME Monday!!
Peace & Love!


8 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Tha BossMack TopSoil
    Mar 17, 2008 @ 13:31:00

    Grandbaby! Wow you are a nice looking G-Moms.

  2. mama meji
    Mar 17, 2008 @ 18:22:00

    I checked her blog and yes, I read lots of celebrities news and tidbits. Even birthdays!

  3. Andrea
    Mar 17, 2008 @ 19:30:00

    Thanks for the tip on another blog! 🙂 I love finding new blogs to read…and obviously I haven’t been here for too long because you have a new look to your blog! I love it! 🙂

  4. Marcus LANGFORD
    Mar 17, 2008 @ 22:53:00

    If you are recommending her, then I am sure that she is really worth checking out. I will definitely stop by.Marcus LANGFORD

  5. Rosemarie
    Mar 18, 2008 @ 00:58:00

    I visited and commented! 😀

  6. darkbrotha
    Mar 18, 2008 @ 13:02:00

    i’ll check it out.

  7. Shelia
    Mar 18, 2008 @ 13:51:00

    Will do Regina! Thanks for introducing us to Tamika. 😀

  8. freetofly
    Mar 20, 2008 @ 16:12:00

    I will go! I love this feature you do, Regina! I was just talking to my 24 yr old son last night how much I love movies! We both sat and watched 2 of Tyler Perry’s movies last night & THEN we decided we weren’t done yet, so we watched The Rock’s Game Plan…All were superb! xoxo,Maria

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