Girl, Where Are Your Parents??

I have recently come across this video of a young “lady” who could not go to her prom because of the type of clothing that she was wearing. This video is making the rounds so let me put my two cents in the mix. I am all for freedom of expression but in this case I must ask where are this child’s parents? Our society is full of young people who are trying to express themselves through their choice of clothing, their choice of music, their choice of associations and society as a whole has sat back and done nothing. In this instance I applaud the Principal of the school for taking a stand and saying that enough is enough. This child is not appropriately dressed for a school function and thus was rightly prohibited from entering. She also had attire guidelines prior to the prom and yet she still choose to wear her custom made dress. Where is this child’s mother or other authority figure in her life? What adult cosigned the appropriateness of this dress? Where is the adult(s) that love this child enough to tell her that right is right and wrong is wrong? she is a very pretty young lady, someone should tell her that she is beautiful even fully clothed. Where are her mentors, role models…SOMEBODY! Doesn’t this girl know there are all manners of freaks, pedophiles, rapists, molesters, and murderers out there just waiting for opportunities like this?
When will we as a society take a stand against the sheer ridiculousness of the youth of this era, the disrespect they so blatantly display in their actions, mannerisms and behaviors. Disrespect not only for authority and for us but the disrespect of themselves? When will the parents step up and put these baybay kids in check?
When my now 14 year old daughter turns 17 and is ready to attend her prom, believe me when I say “WE” will pick a dress together that is appropriate. It will no doubt be FIERCE but it will also definitely be classy and tasteful. It will not be a dress that says come F$#k me and then by me some McDonalds, or come rape me and leave me by the side of the road, it will be a dress that says I am beautiful, BUT You Can’t Touch This!!!

My heart breaks and my spirit weeps for this child…

Check out this video… and leave your comments

Peace & Love


17 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. That Crazy Mom
    May 13, 2008 @ 12:25:00

    That’s just sad. I understand kids wanting freedom of expression and I don’t mind letting my kids do it to an extent, like putting red streaks in their hair or wearing black nail polish. But there are limits and there are still rules to follow. So many kids today just don’t seem to want to follow any rules or stay within those limits. For some reason, they are growing up as a generation that believes they can do or say whatever they want without any consequences.I’m having that problem with my 17 year old right now and I don’t know where it comes from because I certainly didn’t raise her to think she could just get her way and expect everyone else to just deal with it.

  2. MsMarvalus
    May 13, 2008 @ 12:34:00

    I am the mother of a son, and I tell you what: If his prom date shows up in a dress such as this one, HE’S not going with her. End of discussion.

  3. feefifoto
    May 13, 2008 @ 13:29:00

    I completely agree. Clearly this teenager is not mature enough to make this sort of decision on her own. Not only that, it doesn’t appear that she’s learned anything useful from the experience.

  4. Mary@notbefore7
    May 13, 2008 @ 14:27:00

    Oh Regina. I agree with your sentiments. My heart breaks for this young girl who has not had the guidance to tell her that she is worth more than the message this dress sends her peers. She is a lovely young lady!LOVE that you would buy a FIERCE one, but that sends the right message. Every girls wants to feel beautiful, special, and different BUT we need to do it with in God-honoring bounds. Amen girl!

  5. Thoughts of a Southern gal
    May 13, 2008 @ 15:11:00

    A radio station in ATL had the mother call in. The mother said the dress she saw was not the same dress that was worn to the prom. Her mother said the girl no longers live at home because she did not want to follow the house rules. She said she is very hurt by her child’s actions.I want to know will this child graduate. Did you hear her speak? L

  6. SheCodes
    May 13, 2008 @ 17:07:00

    I was deeply disturbed by this video, and I’m actually frightened for her.She clearly THINKS that she understands the message that she is sending out, but she doesn’t have a clue. That clothing makes this child a walking advertisement for every sick individual to give himself an excuse to do something truly terrible to her.If she was my child, she would not get one penny — I would keep her so broke that she couldn’t even buy a swatch of fabric to wrap around herself like that.I also think that she may be disturbed and is in need of counseling. She is trying to gain love and acceptance in ways that are guaranteed to bring her the opposite.

  7. Melanie
    May 13, 2008 @ 17:53:00

    I think the most unfortunate part is that some parents would actually allow their daughters to dress this way. Someone needs to teach these girls they are worth so much more and the attention they get from looking that way is not the attention they are looking for.Unfortunately Brooke’s mother lets her dress in a way I find very inappropriate. Nothing like what this girl has on. But, she definitely lets her reveal way too much skin. And it breaks my heart that Brooke thinks it’s necessary to dress like she does to get all the wrong kind of attention.

  8. DP
    May 13, 2008 @ 19:21:00

    Regina – thanks for posting this, especially after today. My question is why would her parents guardians allow her to go out like that, and second to be filmed by a Houston media crew strolling around like a tramp? If no adults gave permission, then that is media voyeurism and is as inappropriate as the dress. All I can say is I wish my daughter would. There’d be h*ll to pay.

    May 13, 2008 @ 19:31:00

    That is really a bit much and I agree that her parents or friends or someone should have stepped in and said that the dress was inappropriate to say the least.

  10. Rebecca
    May 13, 2008 @ 19:34:00

    Regina, you go, girl! When enough of us moms start speaking up, we’re going to see some change in our society. THUMBS up for you– great post!!

  11. Kellan
    May 13, 2008 @ 19:59:00

    I agree – where is her mother? She is so beautiful and I think she looks beautiful, but it is not appropriate for the Prom. You said it well.Nice to see you REgina – see you soon – Kellan

  12. boo
    May 13, 2008 @ 22:02:00

    nice post Regina, it’s so important that we as adults stay in touch with our children,(inclusion is critical & I think you and I know this all to well) I would like to think that I would sit on the bed and cry with my daughter if she put these rags around her temple, I would cry because of her tarnished self image and she would cry because her tail wouldn’t be attending her senior promthat-girl-boo

  13. Eb the Celeb
    May 14, 2008 @ 07:22:00

    I saw this mess… and yeah her mama needs her behind whooped for even letting her think she was going to wear that dress anywhere

  14. Believer 1964
    May 14, 2008 @ 10:01:00

    Sad. This child doesn’t have a clue what kind of message she’s telling the world. No undergarments?! Furthermore, she obviously has low self-esteem issues. Somebody please call Maury for intervention! 😉

  15. MrsGrapevine
    May 14, 2008 @ 11:29:00

    I heard about this on the radio, and now to actually see it, I’m shaking my head. The school did the right thing, and the fact that the girl argued with authority and didn’t see a problem with the dress, scares me. There is a proper place for everything, and the only place fit for that dress is on stage at the strip club, or on the beach. She already has a tattoo over her breast. Oh Lordy! She had to be from Texas, too. This is what happens when kids raise themselves…And like-ed is not a word.

  16. common mom
    May 14, 2008 @ 14:42:00

    I’m with you! I posted on a similar topic earlier this week . . . just don’t get it . . . really, I don’t. Where are this girl’s parents!!!???!!!

  17. Attorneymom
    May 15, 2008 @ 19:31:00

    Does anyone know the momma’s and daddy’s names so I can add them to my “SIT YOUR AZZ DOWN” list???

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