Happy Birthday Sis!

Yesterday (9/30/08) was my baby sister’s birthday! She just turned … *Ahem* *cough* *cough* 28! According to her, but I know the real truth… I was there (and we are only 4 years apart!)! I would post her age but if I did my mother, who frequents this blog will just tell her, and then baby sis will call me whining!! So anyway, I took her out for her birthday and we had a great time! We had dinner and saw a movie.
You may think… Well what’s so special about that. Well, we went to Studio Movie Grill and it is an awesome experience. You may have seen this on TV, if not check out the website.
This place is a movie theater/bar/grill all in one! You buy your movie ticket, go to your seat, and people come to you and take your order, and bring you your food. The seats all have little tables for your food & drinks. And for those of you who are so inclined you can even order alcoholic beverages.
We saw the new movie Eagle Eye. The movie was great, action packed to the end! what a great night it was! I love my baby sis and am glad we can spend times like this together!

This is the coolest thing!


15 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. R.L.Scovens
    Oct 01, 2008 @ 06:03:00

    My neice told me about this place before, but I haven’t been able to go yet. I hear it’s really nice! Glad yall had fun!

  2. elaine
    Oct 01, 2008 @ 06:19:00

    Happy Bday to your baby sister! I have a baby sis that would also celebrate her bday this month. We are 7 years apart. 🙂

  3. PaulsHealthBlog.com
    Oct 01, 2008 @ 09:57:00

    When I was a kid, I thought 28 was old.But now…

  4. clnmike
    Oct 01, 2008 @ 10:13:00

    Happy Birthday to your sis, and many more.

  5. melanie
    Oct 01, 2008 @ 20:07:00

    How sweet!! Happy Birthday to your sis!!

  6. Blog Queen
    Oct 01, 2008 @ 21:43:00

    sisters…what a joy. My sister and I are 3 years apart…i’m the baby on this end. I’m glad you “youngsters” had fun!

  7. Believer 1964
    Oct 02, 2008 @ 01:29:00

    Fun! Fun! Fun! Movies and food go together. 😉 Don’t they?!The best to your “younger” sister!

  8. TiOheM
    Oct 02, 2008 @ 03:12:00

    Happy birthday to your baby sis!

  9. crazy working mom
    Oct 02, 2008 @ 05:18:00

    I’ve never heard of this place, but it sounds really cool! Happy Birthday to your sis. 🙂

  10. Kin'shar
    Oct 02, 2008 @ 07:58:00

    HAPPY 28TH,,AHEM, COUGH….LOL SIS!! Hope your day was good.

  11. Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T
    Oct 02, 2008 @ 08:34:00

    happy b day to my sister we are fam folk

  12. Alicia Michele Benjamin
    Oct 02, 2008 @ 10:52:00

    Happy birthday to your sister! You two look so cute together.:-)

    Oct 02, 2008 @ 12:56:00

    Happy Birthday to your sis! You two look cute and happy together. I want to try out a place like that but I don’t know of any in Kc.

  14. Mz.Bria2U
    Oct 03, 2008 @ 04:29:00

    Happy *sipping water to make the words go down ez’r* 28th bday, sis! lol glad u all had fun 🙂

  15. Lovely Lady Luxe
    Oct 04, 2008 @ 15:14:00

    It’s so cute… no matter how old they get, they’re still your “baby” sister!

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