The Big Shape Up!

I am tired y’all!!!!
My sister, my daughter and I joined a gym last week and I feel beat the heck up!! My pain is feeling pains! The workouts are good and I am sure will pay off in the long run but for right now all I can say is ouuuuccchhh! We actually worked out a couple of days in one gym before we decided to join another gym. We were going to go with Bally’s but after a couple of days working out there we tried Lady of America and preferred the Lady of America gym. Bally’s is bigger and has all the bells and whistles , including 3 saunas, a hot tub and pool. Why was one of the saunas a menthol sauna (yes it was like a steam bath of Vick’s vapor rub). But I like the Lady of America better because it is smaller and is women only. Lady of America also has the “ActivTrax” system. With Activtracx we all get an individualized customized workout programed for our body. We have no trainer in our face unless we want the interaction. The Activtrax is like our own personalized computer generated trainer! The best thing about it is the variety of workouts. Lady of America also have a Zumba class which is a mixture of salsa and hip hop! I plan to take the class…as soon as my body stops hurting!
We did not go today because our bodies needed a rest and plus I just started two new classes at University of Phoenix (UOP) and had some homework to do (But I even have a workout I can do at home, Yayyyyyyy).
Add this to running around with the little Princess, I am BEAT!!! I have not even had a chance to get back to my Family Tree in about a week and a half.
Well, I still have home work to do and I have to get some rest because tomorrow we are hitting the gym again!!!

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  1. Marvalus
    Mar 04, 2009 @ 23:12:00

    You are just a busy bee! Good luck on the classes, and the workouts…I also read the story about your son and the baby…Thank God they made it home safely (I’m too lazy to type two comments!)…Be blessed!

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