Murderous Rampage In Alabama Takes 12 Lives…

24 miles of a shooting rampage in Samson & Geneva Alabama is being called one of the worst in Alabama State history.

Michael McLendon, aged 28 killed 11 and then himself Tuesday in Alabama.  A number of the victims were his own family including his mother, grandmother, uncle, cousin and his girlfriend.  He also burned down the house he lived in with his mother.  Investigators found his mother and girlfriend inside the house.  According to Fox News, (read the story HERE), McLendon put his mother on a couch, piled things on top of her and then set her on fire.  He also shot four family dogs.  There is no reported motive to what may have caused McLendon to go on this murderous rampage.

In Geneva county, Alabama a Sheriff’s Deputy lost his wife and 18 month old daughter, while a 4 month old daughter survived but is in the hospital after being hit with shrapnel his 4 year old son hid and was physically unharmed.  The Deputy’s family was on a porch visiting McLendon’s family members when he drove by and open fired.

The counties of Samson, Alabama and Geneva, Alabama are trying to deal with the loss of their citizens, the loss of their security and the questions of why this happened.


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