Parents & Discipline…

I came across the story of  Melissa Catherine Smith-Means who was arrested in Georgia on felony charges after she was seen dragging her son through a store by a leash.  I am not judging this woman in the least, I will just say that I would not do such a thing(but then again when my kids were younger all it took was a certain look and they knew to straighten up and fly right!!).  I have NEVER been in favor of putting children on a leash and I am not at all condemning those who do.  At the risk of sounding racist I’ll say that to me it seems to be an ethnic, cultural practice because I have only ever seen certain types of people doing it, but I could very well be wrong!

I have seen PLENTY of children out and about with their mom and the child will literally throw a tantrum complete with kicking and screaming.  I have also seen children throw themselves down on the floor and lay there motionless while the mother tries to coax them into getting up.

I do not know the particulars of what happened in this situation and I do not want to speculate.  Is this discipline?  Is this abuse?  Is this a Felony?  You watch this CNN video and then voice your opinion…


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  1. Mema
    Aug 14, 2009 @ 07:35:34

    One of the things this country is full of are people with opinions. Was the mom wrong, was it a felony? I saw a woman who felt she had no control, so in frustration she just dragged the kid. Was she wrong? Of course the dragging was wrong, the question is how do we equip her and others with the skills to not have to resort to dragging. First of all who thought it was a good idea to sell leashes for children? That’s the felony. I do believe in spanking as part of disciplinary training. That training takes place at home so the child knows how to act when you go out. Teaching and training has a lot to do with relationship. Judging from this video, I’d say that the relationship here was that this child did whatever he pleased, and did not have much respect for what mom says; so in frustration she dragged him. Should she go to jail – No! Should she recieve some training and help with how to train her child -Yes! Putting her in jail will not help him or her.

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