Two Books To Pick Up This Holiday Season…

Hello There!

In all of the excitement of the past few weeks – you know Thanksgiving, Family, Food, Fun and the birth of my handsome GRANDSON (the Little Prince) I forgot to tell you about the 2 new books I got.

I entered a blog contest a while back at ColorOnline, and I won a fabulous book by a very Strong and Determined Black Woman who also happens to be one of the best female athletes of my time.

The book is “On The Line” by Serena Williams. I have not had the chance to start reading yet but I am anxious to read what this Strong, Opinionated, Determined, Vocal and Focal woman has to say! I think there is more to Miss Serena than meets the eye, but we’ll see!

I also received a book titled “We Feel Fine – An Almanac of Human Emotion” by Sep Kamvar and Jonathan Harris. Now I got this book by default in an effort to ease my bruised ego and soften my disappointment! I was contacted almost a year ago by one of the book authors from who had come across my blog online and found a picture of my grand-daughter in a blog post. They explained they were doing a book about feelings which would encompass images from all over the web about our many feelings and wanted to use her picture! As you can guess I was excited and skeptical at the same time but after some back and forth emails, some release forms and papers being signed I was excited and anxiously awaiting this book.

Unfortunately I eventually got an email from Hannah, which said that they would not be using the picture after all, I was CRUSHED! As a consolation they said they would still send me a complimentary copy of the book when it released in December. Well, That was their loss because the Little Princess is fabulous and beautiful and you can read all manner of expressions on her face But anyway, I digress!

So I received my book the other day. I have flipped through it a few times and I must admit it is a very eye catching and very interesting book (It would have been BETTER with the Princess’ picture in it but oh well!) The range of emotions in the book are awesome! The authors really captured the essence of human emotions! If you get the chance pick up this book!

So there you have it, some books to add to your Christmas list!

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