Boy Gets Chopstick Stuck In His Head

I was browsing the news this morning and came across this news story out of Beijing, China.  After reading this story all I could do was shake my head and ponder on the wonders of God.

A 14 – month old baby boy named Li Jingchao was reportedly playing with some chopsticks when he fell and one of the chopsticks pierced his nose and lodged 4 centimeters into his head touching the deep part of his brain.  The boy was rushed to a local clinic where the mother was told removing the chopstick would cause massive bleeding.  The mother and a relative than drove the boy 10 hours and 100 miles to a hospital in Beijing.  Doctors there also feared massive bleeding and ruptured arteries but prepared to remove the chopstick.  Preparations were made to control the bleeding once the chopstick was removed.  However surprise, blessing or miracle, call it whatever you want to call it but when they pulled out the chopstick NOTHING HAPPENED!  According to CNN:

Neurosurgeons, including Dr. Sun prepped for surgery — they feared removing the chop stick would rupture an artery. The young’s boy head was shaved and they were prepared to open his skull to control the bleeding if necessary.

But when they pulled the chopstick out…nothing. It simply came straight out, much easier it seems than how it went in.

Some may call this luck or chance, but I believe in neither!  This, in my humble opinion was surely an act of God!  This could have gone a totally different way with a drastic outcome but GOD!

Welcome to 2010 where Miracles still happen because GOD is in the Miracle business!


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  1. Venus
    Jan 24, 2010 @ 17:37:24

    Exactly!….I love it…….But God!!!……it seems he delights in mystifying doctor’s, just when they think they know it all, he shows them….he’s still God and still in control….love it!!!

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