Follow-Up To Single Parenting vs US Army Deployment

I blogged about 21-year-old Alexis Hutchinson HERE back on November 18, 2009.  If you missed the story it was about a young woman named Alexis Hutchinson who is a single mother of one little boy named Kamani.  Alexis is an Army Specialist who was stationed in Savannah Georgia and was supposed to be deployed to Afghanistan in November but instead Spc. Hutchinson did not show up.  She subsequently was facing charges of AWOL, desertion and other charges due to her not deploying.  These charges could possibly end in court-martial, fines and jail time.  She said she refused to go because she had no one to care for her infant son.  Her mother was originally supposed to care for the boy for the year that Spc Hutchinson would be gone but at the last-minute the grandmother said she was not able to keep the baby.  So on the morning of her deployment Spc. Hutchinson did not show up.

I was pleased to read that finally a resolution to the case was amicably reached.  Alexis Hutchinson received an “Other Than Honorable” discharge from the US Army.  I know this is a relief and a much better resolution than prison time. Read about the story HERE.  I wish Alexis and her son Kamani all the best.


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