What Is In Store For Our Educational System?

My daughter and I have been having ongoing conversations about the present educational systems.  They clearly ARE NOT WORKING!  But the question is what do we do about them?

My opinion is that the school system is not teaching students anything of value.  Students are in high school for four years, come out with a general diploma and still can not find jobs.  WHY??  Because they have not learned any skills that are employable.  Years ago schools had a little bit of hands on education, they had home economics where they taught cooking skills and sewing skills, they had shop class where you were at least introduced to using power tools or learning how to make some sort of crafts.  Some schools even had drivers education, where they taught you how to drive.  BUT today schools are little more than corrals.  They hold the children like animals for a few hours and then release them into the wild.

After your four years of high school, if your grades are not high enough for college you may be looking at community college or trade school, BOTH of which you have to pay for.  So then why spend the four years in high school is my question?  Why can’t your last two years of high school be spent learning a trade or an employable skill.  That way when you do graduate you can find a job?  High school spends a lot of time on things that you may never even need in life.  I’m sure everyone does not need advanced calculus and trigonometry.   Why can’t your last year or two of high school be spent getting a CDA (Child Development Associate) or a CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant), or a cosmetologist license, or a Data Entry or Administrative Assistant certificate, or an Air conditioning and Refrigeration certificate?  Or SOMETHING, ANYTHING that will be useful in the job world.

So today I came across this ABC news video that I had not seen previously.  It is supposed to be news but I guess it did not rate high enough on the popularity charts to warrant any major coverage…

Anyway the video is about some schools in some states giving an exit exam after TWO YEARS of High School and if the student passes they graduate BUT get to go on to a trade school for two years!  FREE!  Now maybe we are making some progress…  Click On The Link and Watch the video and please leave your opinions.  Do you think this is a valid option for our educational system?

Skip High School, Start Your Career – ABC News.


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Rachel
    Feb 22, 2010 @ 17:57:23

    I like the idea of the kids taking up a trade for the last 2 years of high school..Like you said, right now they’re learning things they’ll never need! Some kids aren’t going to even WANT to go to college, but that shouldn’t be a bad thing. They should still be able to learn something that will help them later.

  2. Shelly
    Feb 22, 2010 @ 18:19:24

    I can’t watch the video right now but I can say that my kids are getting a top notch education. My older daughter is in high school and they make it a point to discuss job shadowing and internships in 11th and 12th grade, careers, college and other goals. They start in the ninth grade and the problem is the parents. They don’t utilize the resources that are being placed in front of them! It really pisses me off that they go and blame the school system without trying to see what options are available. I know that certain programs have been cut due to lack of funding and that is troubling since there are so many great programs out there. I guess it really varies from state to state. I just know as a parent, I stay involved and thankfully my children are getting what they should be getting out of school and then some. They are even being followed by colleges in junior programs. Both my girls have big plans for college and are working hard to get full ride scholarships. Our school system is not failing us here in my home.

  3. Selena
    Feb 23, 2010 @ 11:57:14

    Gina, I really agree with you on the taking up a trade front. I remember being in highschool and being jealous of my friends who went to vocational schools and were able to learn a trade that allowed them to get a job upon graduation. I wasn’t fortunate enough to have my parents pay for college; that came out of my own pocket. It was my understanding that HS is supposed to be preparing you for college and adulthood; I think a mentoring/trade program would be an ideal way to make that happen. Like Shelly, I think internships/mentoring programs are ideal for youth in HS. I wouldn’t say the system is failing only because it’s fulfilling what it was originally designed to do: teach book smarts. It is my hope that as the times change and the requirements change that the educational system will grow and adapt with it.

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