Roland Martin Interviews Winnie Mandela

This morning on the radio (Tom Joyner Morning Show) I heard excerpts of an interview that CNN contributor Roland Martin did with Winnie Mandela. Three things that Roland mentioned Ms. Mandela said really stuck with me through out the morning.

1- There was a comment in reference to youth needing to be more involved.
2- There was a comment in reference to President Barack Obama being asked to correct things in his first year that were left behind by previous people.
3- Another thing that was mentioned is the fact that as a member of the ANC Political party (African National Congress), while other members have moved out to the suburbs Winnie Mandela still lives there in the heart of Soweto amongst the people.
According to the Winnie Mandela has said, “In a strongly-worded attack she claimed that Nelson Mandela had failed to help the poor, instead becoming a “corporate foundation” who only ever appeared in public to raise money for the ANC political party.

The comment about the youth being more involved is absolutely correct. If we look back at the civil rights movement we see that youth were very visible and at the forefront of the movement. Youth were also at the forefront during demonstrations over apartheid. Youth were involved and active in marches, in rallies as well as other aspects of both movements. I do not see anywhere near that awareness or involvement in today’s youth and young adults. WHY??

The remark about President Obama was very interesting because there are things, actions and policies that were put in place way before he was President, some even before he was born. But in one year people want him to correct and “change” everything that preceded him including all the ills that African Americans have had to endure. WHY??

I find the fact that Winnie Mandela still lives amongst the people of Soweto very commendable. How visible are the other members of the ANC? Hmmmm…

An excerpt from the Roland Martin interview courtesy of and

What (if anything) will YOU stand up for today??

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