Marion Jones Signs With WNBA’s Tulsa Shock…

This may be old new to some of you and some of you may not even care but I found out that former track and field athlete Marion Jones is coming back to athletics! Wow, I remember on Tuesday October 9, 2007 mentioning her on my blog because she had just admitted to steroid use. It was certainly upsetting news because as an athlete I thought she was fabulous(I still do)! The steroid use and then the lying about it was unfortunate but it does not take away from her natural athletic ability. The stories that followed her announcement varied from supportive to downright nasty! She served 6 months in prison and had to give back the 5 Olympic medals that she won and also has to repay the prize money that she won. I am not a fan of lying, cheating or steroid/drug use, BUT I am a fan of redemption. We have all made decisions in our lifetime that were not the correct choices. What really matters is, what you do after that? How do you move forward? I guess by picking up the pieces of your life, dusting yourself off, and just keep moving forward!

“I am a prime example of somebody who has made some mistakes. It’s no secret. We’ve all made them. But you get down to the point: What do you do afterward?” – Marion Jones

Well, it seems that Former Olympian Marion Jones is picking up those pieces and she is moving forward. Marion Jones has signed with the WNBA Tulsa Shock. (Yes, she can play basketball) This news was greeted with mixed reactions as you can expect. According to the,

“Consider that she is 34 years old (which already makes her the eighth oldest player in the league despite being a rookie), she is just eight months removed from giving birth to her third child, and she hasn’t played basketball since college.”

What do you think of this move by Marion Jones?

I wish her the best.

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  1. ♫Hershey's Kiss♫
    Mar 14, 2010 @ 16:02:46

    I wish her the best. I think she's doing a great thing by moving on.

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