Health Care Reform Bill Signed And 13 States React…

Wow! What a day! Today was a historic moment because President Barack Obama signed the health care reform bill.  Maybe now MILLIONS of uninsured people in the United States can get health care.  I include myself in that number because I am currently uninsured.  Why? you may ask??  Because I was laid of and being unemployed means no health insurance, but before  I was laid off I still had no insurance.  Why?  Because in my job as an Interim Executive Director of a small non-profit run by a church I was not offered health insurance because my position was INTERIM!  Since I was not a permanent employee the church that founded and funded the non-profit said they could not afford to offer me health care.  So I fell in between the cracks, in the gray areas.  I had a pretty good job which paid me pretty good money BUT not good enough to afford health insurance on my own and since I was not a permanent employee the church was not offering me any.  I am now self-employed BUT still unable to afford coverage…

My daughter is also among the uninsured.  Why? Because she is 24 years old and just graduated from college and is job searching.  So she also falls in the gray area of the uninsured.

But today a bill was signed into law that may help us both get some sort of coverage!

So, after all the jubilee over the signing (by supporters) and after all the cursing and rhetoric (by detractors) guess what else happened???  According to the Associated Press (check out the video HERE) 7 minutes after Mr. President signed the bill, Attorney Generals from 13 STATES filed a law suit against the federal government saying that the health care overhaul is UNCONSTITUTIONAL! But being uninsured (not by choice but by circumstance) is just fine with them!  WTH! And Yes, the state that I live in “Good Ole Texas” is one of those 13 states that filed suit.  God Help Us…


I also blogged about today’s Historic event at Regina’s Family Seasons, check it out!


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