Regina Updates!

Hello there all!
I have been very busy and have run a little behind on my postings. I have been finishing up my course work for my Associates Degree in Human Service Management. I also just completed the very long process of becoming a Registered Home Childcare Provider. So and to add to all of that I have been reconnecting with family members that I have not spoken to in years via facebook. In reconnecting with family members I have decided to learn more about the family. I have been spending a lot of time on trying to trace my lineage and find out what I can about my ancestors. This Ancestry project is something that I started on back in early 2009. It is sometimes frustrating, because a lot of the files in the South for black people were not the easiest to read. Back in the early to mid 1900’s the census files were hand written. When you couple 50 year old hand written files with people who could not spell very well in the first place and then add in a race of people who were seen as less than human, you come up with sub-par record keeping. I have hit a lot of dead ends and run into a lot of false leads (who knew that there were only 10 names that EVERYONE in the South used?!?)!

Even though the work has been long and hard I am making some progress. I am focusing right now on my paternal family history because that side seemed to be more fragmented. We (the family) are making tentative plans to have a family reunion in Beaufort, North Carolina next summer. Beaufort is the area that my paternal grandparents come from so it only makes since that we go there for a reunion!
So when I am absent from the blog world just know that I am busy working, working, working on a lot of things at once!!

Final Thoughts:

  1. Please keep good & complete family records (Full names, birthdays, locations, birthplaces, etc.) so that the generations to come know where they came from.
  2. Family should be cherished and loved while they are still alive. Once someone is dead and gone it is too late to show them some love.
  3. The older generation has information that the younger generation needs to hear, so don’t miss out!
  4. Life is to short to be holding on to grudges and past hurts, all they do is drag you down! (As Basketball great John Salley said, “I Don’t Hold Grudges, They Are Too Heavy”)!
  5. And Finally …KNOW YOUR FAMILY!! Accidental or Intentional in-breeding is just plain NASTY!!

Peace & Love!

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