Wow! Where Did November Go?

Whew! WOW! November is over! What a CRAZY month THAT was! I have not had the time to do regular updates so here I am on December 3rd doing a November Wrap Up blog post! November is an interesting month for my family because it is full of Birthdays (which also makes it a very cash consuming month). It has been a FULL month but I am THANKFUL for it all!
OK, so Let me try to do a QUICK & SHORT monthly update for you!

November 2nd was VOTING DAY! Yes, I know, the outcome that I wanted, I did not get BUT, I already knew how it was going to turn out so I was not blindsided! I did manage to blog about Voting Day here.

November 3rd was my middle daughter’s birthday! Yes, Jess Mess the REBEL turned 22 on this day! If someone had told me 22 years ago that I would have a CRAZY DAUGHTER …yea, I would have believed them! But I LOVE her anyway, crazy or not!

November 11th was my only Grandson’s 1st BIRTHDAY!!!! Yep, my Stinkers turned 1! He also started walking like 4 days before his birthday! The baby has also graduated to a big boy front facing car seat. He thinks the car seat is some kind of throne or something! Now he is a terror on 2 legs!! ~LORD, Help us…~

November 11th is also Veteran’s Day and I ALWAYS think of my Dad on Veterans day (and other days too!). I love and miss my Dad. I appreciate all that service men & women do and DID for this country. I am honored to be the proud mother of a serviceman, and the daughter of a serviceman. Love you Dad, Love you David! Happy Veterans Day Daddy!

Happy Veteran’s Day David!

November 13th is MY BIRTHDAY but, it is also my youngest son’s birthday as well! Happy Birthday Me, some women do not like to tell their true age BUT hey I am thankful for all 44 of my years! Yes, I turned 44! And Happy Birthday Sammy! My youngest son turned 21!

November 18th was GRADUATION DAY! My middle daughter graduated from Kaplan College’s Medical Assisting program! I am so proud of her. She came here from New York last year, started working, had a baby and got into school! She has accomplished a lot since she has been in Texas! ALSO on the same night … my Niece graduated from Kaplan College’s Medical Billing and Coding program.

And of course last but certainly NOT least…
November 25 was Thanksgiving Day! This marked the first time some of my family members got to see, I mean REALLY see the less fortunate up close and personal. My mother, my daughter, and my niece went to help serve the homeless along with other volunteers from The Potter’s House. Wow! What an awesome way to give back and show/share the love of God, then to feed those less fortunate than us. I am truly humbled by the selflessness of some people!

So there you have it. My month of NOVEMBER in a nutshell! WHEW!!!!

Be Blessed!
Live, Love & Laugh!

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2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. msladydeborah
    Dec 04, 2010 @ 06:46:02

    Regina,It seems every year that the months zoom by faster. It sounds like November is a full and busy month for you and your family.We are blessed to have family and to see our adult age children and grandbabies grow and thrive. Great round up my Scorpio sista!

  2. Divamom
    Dec 04, 2010 @ 13:13:08

    Sounds like you had an awesome November! We had one birthday, which was my youngest son turning 9 the day after Thanksgiving! Happy Belated Birthday to you and your family too! Be Blessed!

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