Tis’ The Season!

Tis’ the Season!! I LOVE Christmas! It is absolutely my favorite Holiday!! Of course for the obvious reason, JESUS is the reason for the season!!! But I also like the overall feeling of love and kindness in the air. This is also the time of year when you really expect family to be together! I am getting into the Christmas mood, by watching all of my favorite Christmas movies and by watching some new favorites! I am listening to Christmas music, and my daycare kids and I are making Holiday crafts! I am of course shopping, Because, you know… my grand kids absolutely NEED some more random junk (*Insert sarcasm here*).

I went to a Christmas store, that is supposed to be “Texas’ #1 Christmas Store”.
The store smelled good and looked festive.
Yes… This is Nutcracker with a Big Nut!

I think it was more of showplace than a store because the displays were fabulous but the prices were a little (a LOT!) on the OUTRAGEOUS side!
This is what I mean…

I don’t know about YOU but I know that I am not even thinking about paying $749 for a CHRISTMAS TREE, and the darn tree is not even REAL! And that was one of the cheaper ones. Maybe they thought they were doing me a favor by showing the “Compare to” price! But, uh, yea, that was unnecessary because the compare to price and the ticketed price both meant NOTHING to me! I was there strictly as a tourist!! You know, to ooooh and aahhh, to take some pictures and then get the hell out of there! And that is exactly what I did! But the place is VERY NICE!!
*They didn’t even have wrapping paper (I guess that is too low end for them!)!* But again, I repeat the place was very nice!

Let’s not forget the REASON FOR THE SEASON!! (JESUS, JESUS, JESUS!!!!!!)
Have a great week!

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