O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree…

Hmmm, The Christmas tree… Yea…Funny story about that.
See what had happened was… 2 days ago a had a bunch of very festive nuts (my daughters & grandson) decided it was time to put up the tree. I guess they gave up hope that I would buy a real tree when I came home from the storage facility with the old, fake, tree that I stuck in there last year! So they put together the tree, got out our old stash of sparse Christmas decorations. And then they commenced to making LOTS of noise and decorating the tree. I was trying to do homework but their shenanigans were just too ridiculous. So While they put the tree together I played with the cutest little boy in the world! They worked together pretty well (TRUST ME when I say this is NO SMALL accomplishment!). My daughter’s also known as Charlie’s Angels do not often play well together. The youngest Angel ALWAYS has an attitude, the middle Angel is ALWAYS loud & yelling for NO reason and calls everyone FREAK!, and the oldest Angel is ALWAYS frustrated with the other two!! So them working together for a common cause is always news/blog worthy! Then add to the mix one little boy who wants to run around and touch everything he is NOT supposed to and we have a recipe for disaster OR hilarity (or both)!
So anyway, on with the story…
So Charlie’s Angels get the tree together (not to hard, just connect the correct pieces and spread out the branches), put the garland on, hung the ornaments, they even hung the 3 Angels on (hence me calling them Charlies Angels). The lights come with the tree so that is already done! Yaaayy! They stand back to admire their work, (uh huh! yes, yes, we like it!)! Then comes the moment of truth………… Oldest Angel plugs in the tree and VIOLA!!!!!! ……… uh, I said, VIOLA! Hmmmm, tell me why the top third of this FREAKING TREE IS NOT LIT???? Are you freaking kidding me!!!!! Okay, so after all that work the top half of the stupid tree will not light. Why do I feel like Clark Griswold right now?? SMDH…..

Youngest Angel, says (with attitude) UUUGGGHHHH, THIS IS SO GAY, and heads for her room. Middle Angel yells, HAHAHAHA THE STUPID TREE DON’T EVEN WORK!!! And the oldest Angel appears to be … well… FRUSTRATED! I turn back around to my laptop and commence to do some more homework, shaking my head. Oldest daughter, “I knew we should have gotten a real tree, this one is too old”. As she fiddles with the lights, the tree sections, tries different sockets, etc. FINALLY, oldest angel says I can’t leave it like this and she proceeds to UNDECORATE THE ENTIRE TREE!!! (Oh did I forget to mention that she has borderline OCD issues)!!
So The tree was decorated for a minute and then undecorated and bare all over again. It stood bare for 2 days. Finally my son bought a set of clear lights for the top half of the tree and they, yes, Charlies Angels again worked together…kind of. Attitudey Angel sat and watched from the couch, Loud Angel, ran around the tree yelling (for no reason), but they got it done! And it looks pretty nice!
Yea, I forgot to mention, to ease the tension I had to promise to buy a REAL tree next year.
Thank goodness Christmas is all about JESUS and NOT really about trees!!!


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  1. Mema
    Dec 17, 2010 @ 14:58:31

    OMG LOL LOL Ya'll are just too funny. You guys make Christmas fun, because y'all take your Christmas soooo seriously. ROTFL.Now that the tree is up, it's time to make the ornament for the contest. Haa Haa

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