You, Politics and Your Kids!

On this past Monday (April 25, 2011) My daughter and I went to a live taping of the Fort Worth Mayoral Forum. The taping was aired on TXA21 on Tuesday April 26, 2011. This was Suge’s first ever live political event. Although we are currently residents of Arlington, Texas, we cannot vote in the May 14, 2011 Mayoral election. However the outcome effects us because we will be moving to Fort Worth in a few months and since our church is in Fort Worth we spend a LOT of time in the city of Fort Worth. I have taken her with me on many occasions as I voted but this is the first time she ever got to hear candidates talk live about politics. The Mayoral Forum was hosted by CBS11/TXA21 and the Potter’s House of Fort Worth. All five mayoral candidates were in attendance, Cathy Hirt (who coincidentally is under fire and taking heat from the Fort Worth School Board for comments she made at this very forum! Read about what candidate Cathy Hirt said HERE), Betsy Price, Dan Barrett, Jim Lane, and Nicholas Zebrun.

I hope parents understand how important it is to educate and involve our youth in the processes of our country because they will be the decision makers in the future! During one of the commercial breaks I was looking around at the audience and noticing the LACK OF youth in attendance. As I sat there looking around two gentlemen behind me were talking. One gentleman said this was his first such live event, and the second gentleman said “I have been to MANY events like this because when I was younger MY PARENTS DRAGGED ME TO A BUNCH OF THESE EVENTS“. As soon as he said it I immediately looked at Suge, who started laughing and looked away, because she had obviously heard the two gentlemen talking as well! (For The Record, I DID NOT DRAG SUGE TO THE MAYORAL FORUM, she wanted to go!)
His comment struck a cord with me because as I looked at the lack of youth participation I wondered about the priorities of some of the parents and residents of the city of Fort Worth. I wondered about the lives that will be touched by the leadership of the City and just shook my head because I could not figure out why more people were not concerned with who will be running the city. Suge is 17 and very soon will be responsible for making very grown up decisions, what kind of parent would I be if I do not prepare her now? The same way people run to movies, concerts, malls, etc they need to be training their children and preparing them for the real world. Suge (17), who is my youngest child, the Chef (25), who is my oldest child and I went to see Chrisette Michelle live at the House of Blues a month ago, and we go to church together every week. If we can go to a concert and then discuss music, if we can go to church and then discuss God, then why shouldn’t we go to a political forum and discuss politics?
I was proud that Suge decided to go and even prouder still because after the Mayoral Forum we had intelligent discussions about it. Out of the 5 candidates Suge had 2 she liked and 3 she did not like and she broke down the whys of her decision!
Some things CANNOT be taught in schools, PARENTS need to step up and GET ON THEIR JOB!

Get Your Mind Right because, It’s NOT What We SAY, It’s What We DO!

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  1. Gloria (The Little Red House with the White Porch)
    May 05, 2011 @ 10:34:16

    Hi, Regina! I just stopped by to say Hello… I was the person writing my 'two cents' on the Whose Shoes Are These Anyway blog, and when I went back to see if anyone added any new comments, I saw that you agreed with me (thanks!) and I wrote more and agreed with you! (on the birth certif issue). Anyway, I wanted to say HI to another Brooklyn, New Yorker! Yay, Brooklyn! I now live in Conn., so I'm like you and not there anymore, but I sure do miss it. Well, take care and have a great day.Best,GloriaP.S. Your kids on the sidebar are adorable!

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