Christian Rap… Love It or Hate It?

Christian Rap…. Do you LOVE IT or HATE IT or never even considered it?
I personally have retired my rap era UNLESS it really, really catches my ear. And that goes for Christian rap and secular rap. Secular has done nothing but disgust me over the years. I like the lyrical content, not just a catchy beat (even though I must admit, on “All I Do Is Win”, I mainly like the hook, the hype, and the beat!!!)! It has to say something that makes sense to me in order for me to like it. The last two secular rap songs that I actually really liked were Jay Z & Alicia Keys on “Empire State of Mind” and DJ Khaled on “All I Do Is Win”. I like the message of Lil Wayne’s “How To Love” (but not the actual song). Now Christian rap, yea that has struggled. I think in part because rap goes hard and it may be kind of difficult to GO HARD lyrically talking about heaven and God! That is a mixture that many have tried but few have mastered.
I absolutely HATE when someone takes an entire song and just adds new lyrics to it. Sampling is one thing but to take the entire song and just add your lyrics is not sampling OR remixing! That lacks creativity and originality to me. Which is why I had such issues with Monica‘s song “Everything To Me“. From the beginning of that song to the end all I heard was Deniece William‘s “Silly“! If I hear your song and ALL I really hear is the original than we have a problem! For me and effective sample is, while the song plays you can slightly hear a quick snatch of something familiar but you can’t put your finger on it! THAT is a sample! That is also why I was not feeling the “All I Do Is Win” christian version. Seriously?? You can not come up with your own song?? Just because you add the words “heaven, God, or favor” does not make it OK to use the entire song and name it the “christian version”!!! If you are going to do it, then do it right and make it worth my time!!
Anyway that is the end of my rant about sampling, creativity, and originality!!
I like rap that has a positive impact on the younger generation and too much of today’s current rap has the exact OPPOSITE EFFECT. But, I kind of like Tadashii. It is Christian rap, it goes hard, it is positive, uplifting, and catchy! (And my daughter has danced to one of Tadashii’s songs!)!
I know A LOT of Sanctified, Saved, Christian people say there is no place for rap/hip hop in the church BUT I say BLASPHEMY!!! How are we going to reach a younger generation for Christ if you are still singing old negro spirituals? You can give the younger generation the Word of God in a medium that they understand and can relate to. God can use ANY MEDIUM, ANY BODY, and ANY METHOD He sees fit to use in order to get His word out. Just because YOU do not understand the medium does not mean it is not effective!

Don’t Hate What YOU Don’t Understand!

Be Blessed!


(Oh yea, Part 2 of this post follows. Check out the following post and video!)

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