Angel Food Ministries Founders, Pastors Joe and Linda Wingo Indicted

More and more signs that point to the inevitable conclusion that we are indeed in the LAST DAYS.  Organizations which were designed and purposed to do good are wavering and falling.  Case in point, the ANGEL FOOD Ministries Organization is out of business and key personnel are being indited on criminal charges.  If you have never heard of the ANGEL FOOD Ministries Organization let me explain.  Angel Food Ministries was a 501 c 3, non-profit, non-denominational, Christian organization, which was dedicated to providing food relief to communities throughout the United States.  The program offered food at extremely low prices to elderly, disadvantaged, or anyone who need bulk food for low prices.  The program operated largely out of warehouses (due to the nature of the bulk food items and the space needed to serve hundreds of people) and churches and serviced thousands of church communities.  The program began in 1994 with 34 families in Georgia and grew to serve over 500,000 families across the United States monthly.  The program was extremely useful to elderly individuals who live on a fixed income and to those struggling to make ends meet.  Angel Food provided a supplement to the ever shrinking dollar.

Unfortunately in September the organization announced that it would not be able to fulfill the September orders and was going out of business.  Soon there after the company closed it’s doors for good.  In September 2011, Rob Kerby, Senior Editor at Belief Net published this post about the Angel Food debacle,

Angel Food Ministries cancels September deliveries, suspends refunds

The posting was VERY enlightening!  The post talked about the shady past and financial dealings of Pastor Joe Wingo, his wife Linda Wingo and several of their family members. Pastor Joe Wingo was also the pastor of Emmanuel Praise Church.

While surfing the internet today I read articles that said an indictment for multiple federal charges against the founders of the now defunct Angel Food Ministries were handed down.  Pastors Joe Wingo, his wife Linda, son Andy and business associate Harry Michaels reportedly were charged in the indictment.  According to the Washington Post, “Authorities say a federal indictment charges three officials associated with Angel Food Ministries and an employee with dozens of counts including fraud, wire fraud, conspiracy to commit money laundering and others.”  The 71 page indictment outlines 49 criminal counts.  The Wingos are to appear in a Macon County court today to answer charges which include conspiracy to commit wire fraud, mail fraud, witness tampering and transporting stolen property across state lines.

Bottom line hundreds of people lost jobs who faithfully worked with the organization across the country and HUNDREDS of people who actually utilized the service may go hungry or be forced to find other way to supplement their grocery bills.

Walking on the backs of the Elderly, the Poor, the Downtrodden, and the Disenfranchised, I would not want to be them on Judgement day (and I DO NOT mean in the court of THIS world)  It appears that the Wingos have a lot of explaining to do.

When Will Folks Stop Pissing On The Little Guy?

Be Blessed All!


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