DMX, Oh Yea, I Remember Him

Back in my party days I was a BIG fan of rapper DMX.  He had one of the BEST concerts I have ever been to.  He was honest and raw and always quick to show and tell of his struggles with following God versus Following the world.  This is the only rapper I have EVER SEEN open a concert in prayer and close in a prayer that would almost make you want to cry and go to church …if you were not yelling and screaming at a DMX concert!
His struggles with drugs, life, and a multitude of other issues are well documented and well publicized.  So when I saw that he was going to be on Dr. Drew, I said good I hope he can finally get the help that he needs.  While surfing the web yesterday I found this video of DMX and was pleasantly surprised!  I have posted the video and followed it with the lyrics so that you can read them because it is a message that only DMX could bring in this fashion!  Love him or hate him but X GONNA GIVE IT TO YA!  (Make sure you read the lyrics, GOD IS able!).

DMX – Keep Ya Head Up Lyrics

DMX – Keep Ya Head Up Lyrics

Keep your head to the sky
Keep your head to the sky
[DMX – Verse 1]
When I think I don’t deserve it, I think about Jesus
And the fact that He was perfect and He thinks that I’m worth it
I know I got a purpose
So when I don’t like what I see in the mirror
I learn to look passed the surface
Believe me God heard this,
Cause these words came from my heart
I was in pain, it was dark
Then came the spark to light down the road
To let me know that He would lighten up my load
And it’s gon’ get greater, later
God only wants the best for me
But the devil’s a hater
I can see his eyes through the smiles of fake friends
If yall think hate wins just keep
At the end of the day who’s will will you think will prevail
Or will you live to tell
Miracle after miracle it comes true
The spiritual individual is in you
Keep your head to the sky
Keep your head to the sky
[DMX – Verse 2]
Lord if You hear me,
You know that I’m coming to you sincerely
I need You near me, please feel me
I’m sick and I need for You to heal me
I’m lost and looking for the real me
I’m tired and weary
Haven’t been able to see things clearly
And even though I know you love me dearly
I still get leery
So where does that leave me?
Lost and alone
I wanna call God but it’s like I lost my phone
Every day is a struggle cause I juggle my problems
Need to let go and let God
Cause only He can solve them
I’m tired of lying to myself
Thinking I could do it on my own
When I get left alone
When the devil sneaks in and creeps in
Knocks on the door lightly than peeks in
And it’s usually around the weekend
Then I get reckless and jump off the deep end
Come on

I LOVE IT!!! Of course I know A LOT of RELIGIOUS people will have a lot to say, BUT I say GOD WILL HAVE HIS WAY BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY!!

Be Blessed,

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  1. Don
    Dec 08, 2011 @ 03:24:26

    Not really a DMX fan since he made some very derogatory remarks about Tupac Shakur, days after Pac was murdered.I always considered that to be in very poor taste and judgement.But, that said, I am all for redemption. Keep your head up X.

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