HAPPY 5th BIRTHDAY To Our Little Princess

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the Little Princess!!!!
Today my first grandchild and only grand daughter is 5 years old!!  My time has passed quickly!  It does not seem like it has been five years, but alas on this day five years ago I got to witness one of the most horrifying yet exciting miracles of God.  When people say it is a beautiful moment they are speaking metaphorically or symbolically because watching a baby actual emerge is definitely GROSS!
But I had the privilege and honor of being in the room when my grand baby made her entrance into this world.  I also got to see the look on my son’s face at that moment and it was magical!  It is funny how things can change in a moment.  While my then daughter in law was pushing this baby through the birth canal, my son and I were bouncing around the delivery room singing the chorus of Salt & Pepa’s song “PUSH IT” but as soon as he saw the head come out he just stopped and stared in amazement!  This moment was “priceless“!  And into the world she came!
The little Princess changed a lot of lives for ever and she gave me one of my most cherished titles….. Grandmother!  Though we are separated by thousands of miles she is very much loved!

Love You FOREVER, Grandma!

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