The Resignation of Eve

ATTENTION:  Women of the Church! 
What would happen if ALL women just stopped going to church?  What would the men do?
This scenario happens in “The Resignation of Eve”.

Title – The Resignation Of Eve: What If Adam’s Rib Is No Longer Willing To Be The Church’s Backbone?
Author – Jim Henderson
Publisher – Barna Books/Tyndale House Publishers
Date of publication – February 2012
Number of pages – 320

*Tyndale House Publishers have provided me with an advanced, complimentary copy of “The Resignation of Eve” to read in order to write my review.*

Jim Henderson
Read Jim Henderson’s Bio HERE
From the Tyndale House Media Center:

In talking with women around the country, Jim Henderson has come to believe that there is an epidemic of quiet, even sad resignation among dedicated Christian women who are feeling overworked and undervalued in the church.  As a result, many women are discouraged.  Some, particularly young women, respond by leaving the organized church . . . or walking away from the faith altogether.   

WOW! What a very interesting book!  “The Resignation of Eve” will definitely make you think about yourself, your church, and your involvement in church a little differently.  As a Christian woman, I have had many of the thoughts and feelings highlighted in this book.  The general premise of the book is essentially, what if the women of the church stopped being the workhorses of the church.  That’s right! No more singing in the choir. No more running the nursery.  No more working in children’s church.  No more anything until equality is evaluated!  Due to certain scriptures in the bible and due to a certain mindset of men in the church, women are not to lead in the church.  Some men believe that women should be quiet in the church; other men believe that women should only lead women’s groups or work with children/youth groups.  The author, through numerous interviews and research has attempted to expose the inequality in the treatment of women in the church.  The book gives a very engaging look at how women view themselves in Gods’ church.  This book was well written and thought provoking.  The author gave us a LOT of information to ponder.  I enjoyed reading the interviews with the various women and getting to understand the different views of women in the church.  This book should be included in every book club across America.  After reading The Resignation of Eve, I had to think back on my involvement in church work and evaluate what I do and why.
The author of this book believes that most women in the church fit into three main categories.  Those RESIGNED to the treatment of women in the church.  Those who RESIGNED from the church and its treatment of women.  Lastly, those RE-SIGNED to influencing and changing the treatment of women in the church.
Which category do YOU fit in?
This book is a definite must read for MEN and WOMEN!

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5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Jim Henderson
    Jan 11, 2012 @ 08:03:46

    Thanks reginafor more interaction you might like to "like" our facebook page!/ResignationofEve

  2. Laura
    Jan 11, 2012 @ 19:49:56

    Thanks, Regina, for reading the book. I'm one of the "Daughters of Eve" who was interviewed for the book. I told Jim that I was a crazy mix of all three… and at the time of the interview somewhere between group 2 and group 3. I look forward to the dialog that the book is sure to generate. I am also waiting eagerly for my own copy so that I can read the entire book – the research and the other interviews! Grace to you, my friend.

  3. Regina
    Jan 11, 2012 @ 22:54:11

    @Mr. Henderson, it was an honor. The book was VERY interesting! I could see other that I have known all throughout the book. I could also see where I was one type of woman but than became a different type! I am definitely recommending the book to other Daughters of Eve!Blessings to you!Regina

  4. Regina
    Jan 11, 2012 @ 22:59:39

    Laura, hello there! what a book and a very interesting look at the way women see themselves. I just joined the facebookj page so the facebook dialogue should be interesting! I found myself thinking how can some of these women think this way? But people often live what they learn, so if you are not taught anything differently that what you see is what you generally emulate. It was an awesome read!Enjoy & be blessed!Regina

  5. Jim Henderson
    Feb 12, 2012 @ 22:03:39

    Thanks for the thoughtful review of my book. I would like to invite you and your readers to our upcoming free – Resignation of Eve Cloud Conference on Feb. 27 @8pm EST – you only need a telephone to join the call and have a chance to participate in a conversation with myself and the women of “Resignation of Eve.” David Kinnaman, President and author of the Barna Group will also be on this call to talk about his latest research on women and the church. – Hope you are able to join us. Thanks, Jim Henderson

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