Knowledge Is Power

What is the BEST GIFT you can give to your children and the entire younger generation??? That would be KNOWLEDGE!  Yes, I am a firm believer that KNOWLEDGE is POWER!  Because if you do not KNOW anything you will NEVER be able to ask the right questions, and if you do not ask the right question you will NEVER get the information you need to GROW, SUCCEED, or SURVIVE!
I love and appreciate all my ancestors for the struggle they endured to make me a free woman, able (willing and ready) to share my thoughts, desires, outrage, and everything else that I am free to express.  I am thankful for those who share knowledge so that another generation can pick up where we left off and carry on the next leg of the race.
Education and knowledge are not the same things.  They are synonymous but they are also different.  Education is acquired through formal channels of learning such as schools, colleges, etc.  Knowledge is gained from real life experiences such as living, reading, consultation, mentoring, etc.
For African American people our ancestry, history, accomplishments, and triumphs are not always highlighted through formal channels of the media, and have not been accurately taught or portrayed in the school system.  It is our duty to impart knowledge to the younger generation.
Use it wisely!


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  1. mema
    Feb 02, 2012 @ 10:38:26

    Knowledge is power. God says that "my people perish for a lack of knowledge" (power).

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