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Jackie Spencer, Fort Worth,Texas; by way of New York State! – Published Author
FACEBOOK: JackieSpencer

Tell the readers a little bit about yourself. 
·         My name is Jackie Spencer.  I am an Elder at The Potter’s House of Fort Worth, under Bishop TD Jakes and campus Pastor Patrick Winfield.  I have 10 wonderful grandchildren and 2 lovely daughters, as well as 3 darling great grands and one on the way.  I have worked for the State of NY for 30 years in the areas of psychology, rehabilitation, staff and leadership development and the development of programs for developmentally disabled individuals and for children 6 wks to 12 yrs. I have a strong background in the Word of God as well as in research.  Research is my passion, especially when it can be used to help someone reach their full potential. (Regina: THAT is a lifetime of experience!)
Explain what type of business you operate?
·         I have authored 2 books and I am working on my 3rdmanuscript.
How long have you been in business?
·         I’ve been gathering information for the book I am currently working on for years; but I felt the need to publish my other 2 books first.  Those 2 books were written primarily for my grandchildren.
How did you get the name for your books?
·         The title of my first book “A Black Man’sJourney Through the Annuals of Time”, came about as I was doing storytelling with my grandchildren about where they came from.  The title of my second book “The Sheep of His Pasture” came about as I was thinking of a way to tell them who they are in Christ.
What motivated you to write these particular books?
·         I became ill and was hospitalized and I thought I was going to die.  I didn’t want to die without making sure that my grandchildren had something to refer to that would continually remind them who they are and whose they are.  I don’t have a lot of money, so the best thing I could leave them is their identity.
What are your top 5 must have business tools/aids?
·         Business cards, an updated computer system, a telephone, a network, and a support system. (the last 2 are not the same)
Where do you see your business in 5 years?
·         In 5 years I hope to have finally finished my current manuscript and to be teaching the information contained therein to upcoming leaders.  The manuscript is on leadership.
What inspires you?
·         I am inspired by family and the desire to see people reach their full potential.
Who is your business icon or who’s business ethic do you admire?
·         Haa Haa, it’s Jesus.  He is the world’s most successful leader and He’s still in business after over 2,000 years.  Can’t beat that with a stick! (Regina: Of course you would say Jesus!)
If you were standing in front of a room full of hopeful, promising, entrepreneurs what would you say to them?
·         I would tell them to first research what their gifts, purpose and passions are, then evaluate their skill set and hone their skills.  As Jackie Mom’s Mabley once said “practice baby practice”.  I would tell them to make certain that their plan lines up with those of the master planner; after all He created them, and He knows their purpose.  I would end by telling them that once they have their direction straight, not to give up and not to be distracted by the issues of life – keep moving forward! (Regina: I DEFINITELY AGREE!)
Is there anything you would like to add?
·         There is a plan and purpose for every life, but we must search it out.  If you know where you’ve been, it will help you to get where you’re going without repeating the past.

Looks like The Elder has spoken! And let the church say AMEN!!


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  1. mema
    Jun 26, 2012 @ 14:05:04

    Thank you Regina for the opportunity to voice what's on my heart. There are so many voices that are never heard; I'm glad not to be one of them.I love what you have done with these interviews, and I hope people take advantage of the businesses and skills and experiences that you have featured. Like John the Baptiste, you are a voice crying out in the wilderness. I pray that you are heard!

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