The Diva’s Big Day, PROM!

Yes, I am still playing catch-up!!  So this is the post about the Diva and her big day…yes the PROM!!!!
It started out okay, nice and easy. We had to buy a dress and we had to get some shoes…That was in April! By the time mid-May rolled around I realized that my sweet, beautiful, some time attitude-y, youngest baby was in fact a full fledged PROMZILLA!!!  I know Promzilla is not a real word, but trust me when I tell you IT HAS REAL MEANING!! I am scared to imagine what her wedding day will be like…….
O…M…G…! The dresses were not right, they did not have enough pop or WOW factor. Of course we had to find a dress shop a million miles from us to make sure that NO ONE ELSE had the same dress! Once we did find a dress, it had to be altered because my baby is vertically challenged but very well endowed (which also lead to issues finding under-dress foundation). That dress was altered THREE TIMES. Well hen it had to be cleaned of course. The shoes had to be mega-FIERCE!  And they had to be shoes that no one else had, we went to a Mexican mall (yea, I know what you are thinking, I also did not know there were Mexican malls, but we found one!).  This Mexican mall had about 20 shoe stores, PRAISE GOD she found what she wanted in store number three! Can I just say that the Mexican shoe game is tight!! So, anyway, There had to be an after prom outfit. Lord, help him but the boyfriend did not get the color suit she wanted, there was a make-up tryout day and we had to try three different types of eye.  Manicure, pedicure, hair, a fight over weave versus no weave, prom jewelry… and the list goes on and on and on!
In the end of it all the DIVA was BEAUTIFUL!  She was happy with the outcome. The boyfriend’s clothes turned out to be a perfect match, and all was well with the world!!!!!  I have a couple hundred pictures but I will only post a few….heeheehee!

The FIRST fitting






SHAQ & HOOPS (that is what I call them!)



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We Are ALL Trayvon Martin…

What do we want??? JUSTICE!!!
And when do we want it??? NOW!!!

I can imagine this was chanted during the Million Hoodie March today.

If ANYONE who can read this post thinks that this story does not involve them, think again! Anyone can look at YOU and feel that you are a threat.  Someone can “perceive” that you aim to do them harm because of your race, your dress, your attitude, your hair, or anything that comes to mind.  So at the end of the day


In Sorrow,

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The Travesty That Is The Trayvon Martin Case

**Deep Sigh**

I have come back to this blog spot to report some news that is tragic or stupid and in most cases, tragically stupid.  But the news for the past few weeks has been a tragic travesty.  I am referring to the Trayvon Martin case.  Unless you have been under a rock or in a bomb shelter someplace you must have already heard about this case.

17-year-old African-American, Trayvon Martin, was shot and killed inside a gated community by a Hispanic man named George Zimmerman who was part of a neighborhood watch.  Trayvon was on his way from the store and had a pack of skittles, a can of iced tea and was talking on the cellphone at the time.  Trayvon was on the phone with his girlfriend and told her that some guy was watching him.  I will not review the entire story because I am sure that you have heard much of it already.  But I will say that the shooter STILL HAS NOT BEEN ARRESTED!  Trayvon was wearing a hoodie HOWEVER please be advised that he put the hoodie up after he realized he was being watched.

The shooter, Zimmerman has said that Trayvon looked suspicious… really???  This story has inspired the Million Hoodie March for justice.

This story is sad, disturbing, and disgusting on so many levels.  Is this the POST-RACIAL America we live in?

Please take a moment to review the links.  The links review the Trayvon Martin case, The Million Hoodie March, and The Stand Your Ground Law.

  1. ABC News : Trayvon Martin Case: Timeline of Events
  2. CBS News : Twin Investigations Open in Trayvon Martin Case
  3. US News/MSNBC : Trayvon Martin’s Final Phone Call
  4. FOX News : Trayvon Martin’s Alleged Attacker Not Covered Under Law
  5. LA Tines : Self Defense? Trayvon Martin Was Using A Cellphone
  6. CNN : Lawyer: Girl On Phone With Trayvon Martin
  7. NY Daily News : Million Hoodie March Takes Union Square In Protest
  8. NBC New York : Trayvon Martin’s Parents Attend NYC Million Hoodie March
  9. CBS New York : Million Hoodie March Held In Union Square
  10. Chicago Tribune : An Invitation To Murder?

Be informed, be educated.  Trayvon Martin’s family deserves justice.  Trayvon did not have to die…

Skittles and Tea is NOT a weapon…


I Trust YOUR Plan Father

Do you believe that God is all powerful, all knowing, all seeing, and everywhere at once? Yes, I believe that God is all that.  God is OMNIPOTENTGod is OMNIPRESENTGod is OMNISCIENT.  We do have freedom of choice HOWEVER God already knows what we will choose.  He knows His children, His creations.  I know my children yet they have free choice, so if I sit a bowl of chocolate ice cream, and a bowl of fresh strawberries in front of my child, depending on which child it is, I know what she/he will choose even though they have the free will to choose either one.
God has a perfect will.  He has things in mind for us, His perfect will for our lives.  But He also made provision for when we deviate from the path He has chosen and when we do things our own way, of our own free will.  For those times He also has a permissive will.  The things we choose, that He allows or permits are part of His permissive will.  
God is all knowing so he knew about slavery.  I am sure that did not surprise Him at all.  I do not know if that was His plan or not but I know that it was a blight, an abomination, a travesty for ALL the races involved.  (Not only Blacks were slaves, there were Jewish slaves, Indian slaves, and others).  BUT I DO KNOW that God can and will use all things that are meant for evil, for the good of those who love Him.  Romans 8:28 says so!
Where would I be, where would you be, if it were not for slavery?  Is it so hard to fathom that God had to set things in motion on a certain path to bring about a certain outcome?  Is it so hard to fathom that God knew and made provisions?  Would I be in some small, impoverished village, weaving baskets, hauling water trying to feed my family?  Is it too much of a stretch to think that you are where you are supposed to be?  For whatever reason you are where God wants you.  God knows the plan, and who are we to question it?  God said in Jeremiah 29:11, For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. When I think about slavery, I think about it in a more personal way.  Without my ancestors having gone through the hell they lived through, I would not be here today living this life, going to school for a degree, online, writing/blogging about my life, able to openly and freely worship God, enjoying seeing my children educated, and prospering in a land of opportunities, and freedoms that we would not have otherwise. (**Side note** Now, that YOU have this freedom, time, space, and opportunity WHAT WILL YOU DO WITH IT?)

of course some people are STILL slave minded…. But that is a blog post for another day…

Peace & Love All!
Trust In GOD’s Plan, and do YOUR part!


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Black History Month – Hattie McDaniel

Well, here we are February 29, 2012 (Leap Year), and to bring an end to Black History Month it is only fitting that we discuss Ms. Hattie McDaniel.  Her name has come up in MANY recent conversations due to the recent Academy award nomination that Viola Davis and Octavia Spencer received for their roles as maids in the movie “The Help“.

Hattie McDaniel was born June 10, 1895 in Wichita, Kansas to former slaves and she died in Woodland Hills, California on October 26, 1952 due to breast cancer.  Hattie McDaniel was an African American woman of many talents including being an actress of film and stage, professional singer-songwriter, radio performer, and television star.  Hattie is best known for her role as “Mammy” in Gone With The Wind.  Ms. McDaniel was nominated for and WON a best supporting actress Academy Award for her role as “Mammy” in Gone With The Wind.  Hattie McDaniel was the FIRST AFRICAN AMERICAN actress to ever win an Academy Award.  According to, “Though the honor was significant, McDaniel often faced criticism from the liberal black community for acting in roles considered to further stereotypes about African-Americans“.  I have NEVER watched the movie “Gone With The Wind” so I do not know Hattie from that film.  However I do remember her from playing a servant in the movie “The Little Colonel” with Shirley Temple.
Sadly, Hattie had to battle racist Hollywood as well as her own Black people.  Even though Hattie had won an Academy Award, Hollywood continued to develop roles which stereotyped Blacks in subservient roles and African Americans continue to fight against the system that subjugated Blacks and Hattie was stuck in the middle.
I believe that Ms. Hattie McDaniel deserves honor for her accomplishment in a racist Hollywood environment!  Hattie McDaniel wanted to be buried in the Hollywood Cemetery, however even in death. America was racist and segregated and she was denied entrance to the cemetery.  She was buried in Rosedale Cemetery instead.  
According to Wikipedia

In 1999, Tyler Cassity, the new owner of the Hollywood Cemetery, who had renamed it Hollywood Forever Cemetery, wanted to right the wrong and offered to have McDaniel interred in the cemetery. Her family did not want to disturb her remains and declined the offer. Hollywood Forever Cemetery instead built a large cenotaph memorial on the lawn overlooking the lake in honor of McDaniel.

To learn more about Hattie McDaniel go HERE, HERE, and HERE!

Blessings All,
Happy Black History Month!

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Meryl Streep Donates $10,000 On Viola Davis’ Behalf

Did you see my blog post on the Academy Awards (the Oscars)?  If not read it HERE.  This morning I woke to the news that Sunday’s Oscar winner for best actress Meryl Streep has donated $10,000 to a charter school in Central Falls, Rhode Island on behalf of Ms Viola Davis!  Central Falls is the town in Rhode Island where Viola Davis grew up.Meryl beat out Viola for the Oscar win in the best actress category on Sunday.  Viola Davis and Meryl Streep were nominated for Oscars in 2009 for the movie “Doubt”.  Meryl Streep for best actress and Viola Davis for best supporting actress, neither actress won in their category.
The Segue Institute, the charter school in Central Falls, Rhode Island, houses more than 200 students in grades sixth-eighth.  According to the Washington Post, “Angelo Garcia, founder and director of the Segue Institute for Learning, says the check from Streep’s Silver Mountain Foundation for the Arts arrived Monday. A note said it was on behalf of actress Davis, who grew up in Central Falls“(Washington Post, 2012).  The school has been trying to raise money to buy the building they currently occupy or to buy another location.
Of course with the recent Oscar win for Streep and loss for Davis “some people” are of course talking a lot and saying nothing!  I have read many comments on face book and various other blogs and a lot of the comments are ignorant, some are funny, some are just plain stupid!  People are complaining about $10K not being enough (Uh, hello… she did NOT HAVE TO donate ANYTHING!), some are still complaining about Viola not winning (OK, get over it), some are saying that Streep is trying to atone for the sin of winning over Davis (Hmmm, people voted for her to win, sooooo how is winning her sin?), some are saying that Blacks are settling for Master’s crumbs yet again (Master’s crumbs -aka – Streep’s $10,000), But I did see a few commentors who said it was a very nice gesture.
My comment is that, giving $10,000 to a struggling school was very nice and philanthropic of Meryl Streep.  However I will also say that like Kunta Kente, Black folks tend to shoot themselves in the foot over a dumb self-serving principle, which only makes it harder for them to move forward and slows their progress…

Be Blessed All!

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Octavia Won, Viola Did Not, Now What?

I, like a lot of other Americans watched the Academy Awards (The Oscars) last night.  I do not watch much television, I have certain shows that I watch and one of my current favorite shows is Once Upon A Time. HOWEVER, due to the Oscars my show did not come on so I actually just watched the Oscars by default!  The BEST thing about the Oscars, is, was, and always will be …THE CLOTHES!  I like the gowns, and I like being the fashion police!  But this year there was ….. Black people nominated!  I, of course heard all of the pre-Oscar buzz, and like many other African Americans I wanted Octavia Spencer and Viola Davis to win the little golden man.  NO, I did not see the movie, “The Help”.  It is not something I would watch, nor do I want to watch it.  It may be a very good movie, I just have no desire to see more black people playing the role of slaves or servants or maids, so NO, “The Help” is not something I am interested in watching.  NO, I am not one of those people who believe that all black people should run out and support a movie because it is historical, or because it has black people in it.  I get my history from books, research, or family stories!  I pay to see what I like to watch, period!  And a movie about maids is NOT what I like!

Now you may ask, “Then how can you want Viola Davis or Octavia Spencer to win without having seen their performance“? Well, frankly this is purely racial.  I just wanted them to win because they are black actresses and black actresses and black actors are traditionally overlooked or ignored at prestigious award shows such as the Oscars.  (And HELL NO, I do NOT count Halle Berry’s Oscar win as a high five for black actresses.  Her role in Monster Ball was garbage! That’s right I said it, my blog, my opinions!)
I do not recall anything that Octavia Spencer acted in that made an impression on me but I have seen Viola Davis in a number of roles, some even strong roles, such as playing the Mayor in “Law Abiding Citizen”.  So I was a  little upset that Viola did not win last night, but as I said I did not see the movie so in all fairness I can not say that her acting would have or should have beat out Meryl Streep (who is also a phenomenal actress).  I think Viola Davis is an awesome actress however Hollywood does not develop strong roles that many black actors or actresses get.  I congratulate Octavia Spencer for her Oscar win and I congratulate Viola Davis for her Oscar nomination (even if they both were nominated for playing “maids”) (BUT didn’t Viola look FIERCE?!?!).
I am going to need African-Americans to audition for more action movies!  I would love to see Ms Viola in an action role!  I generally go to see action movies and thrillers, and an occasional comedy.  I very rarely go to see “black movies” because they are generally ghetto, poorly scripted, overly dramatized, or just plain ignorant.  Most black movies are so HEAVY with drama (Shout out to Tyler & Bishop, nothing personal, but REALLY??) that it is sickening!  Every black family is not harboring deep, dark, closet secrets!  Every black family does not have to have family members that are ignorant, or ghetto, or womanizers, or gold diggers, or drug dealers, or gang-bangers, or ex-pimps, or overly bourgeois, or … well you get my point .  Can we have some good movies with all ethnicity of actors and actresses where they all blend into one great movie!!!!!!  Okay, sorry I digress. Deep breath in….. let it out…. moving on.

Anyway, thank goodness next week my show, Once Upon A Time, will be back on!
Congratulations to ALL the winners and nominees!


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