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Zack A. Isaacs, Chicago, IL “2CityNews”

I am a multimedia journalist with a background in sales, marketing and television production. 

I am the owner of 2City Media which produces the online news outlet, 2CITYNEWS (2CN)

2CITYNEWS was established June 23, 2011 to honor the anniversary of my grandmother’s birth. 

The name 2CITYNEWS was inspired from Chicago’s nickname as the “Second City” (2nd City) but I knew that getting a patent for that would be tough.
Additionally, Chicago is a tale of two cities in one. But the national media only talks about the violence going on in Chicago’s inner city and the prosperity of the other areas.
I wanted to flip that around and expose the “good in the hood” and show the imperfections of our “better” neighborhoods.

I was motivated to start 2CN for two reasons: 1) I couldn’t find any journalism opportunities, so my mother inspired me to create my own; 2) As a community activist, I felt there was a need to document history the right way–whether it was good or bad. 

My TOP 5 Must Have Business Tools: Computer, Video Equipment, Tripod, Business Cards, and Business Attire. (Regina: EXCELLENT POINT Zack!!! Many youth do not have business attire and are clueless about what to wear for an interview.)

In 5 years, I see 2CN as a national news agency with bureaus in every region and providing jobs in media for people of all ethnic backgrounds.

I am inspired by the fact that no matter how much I think of quitting–the love of storytelling is in me. I can’t run from it. 
I have been inspired by men like Juan C. Perez (Highbrid Nation) and Toure Muhammad (Bean Soup Times). Both are men who showed me the ropes of starting a media outlet and I am indebted to them. 

I would tell a room of entrepreneurs to “work while it is day.” You must take advantage of your youth. I’m almost 28 years old and I’ve been growing this business for a year and I know that 30 is around the corner. That is why I work so passionately. I don’t want to be 40 still trying to figure out what I want to do with my life. In order to make progress, sometimes you have to cut ties with people who will impede it. While Facebook and Twitter are must-have tools for building business, it is important to turn them off at least 2 hours everyday. Given the level of social media addiction in our country, that is not a simple thing to do. But there was life before Facebook and cell phones as recently as 15 years ago. Back in 1997, I was only trying to catch a little TV after I did my homework and maybe go play outside. 

I would add that we need to “re-program” our children about the true purpose of education. Education is not a gateway to employment anymore. That’s why we have people on TV complaining about having multiple degrees, six figures of debt but they can’t find work. A degree is just a prerequisite to help job recruiters weed out candidates. The purpose of getting an education is to sort through hundreds of skills to see which ones you need to succeed. 
At most universities, you need 120 credit hours to graduate. That means you might take anywhere from 35 to 40 classes and study at least 10 chapters per class. That’s over 400 chapters of information and thousands of definitions and test questions. It is YOUR job to sort through all of that data and find what you can use and discard what you can’t. 

The average college graduate can’t remember Chapter 3 from Chemistry class–but he or she might remember that calories are a measurement of energy. Well, that is what our children should do with their education–pull out memorable concepts and find a way to relate them to their career goals.

Well said Zack, well said!
WOW!!!! I absolutely LOVE ZACK!! A young man with a vision, the brains, and the drive to make a difference!

**Zack and I disagree on MANY topics, BUT I DEFINITELY RESPECT His drive and determination! I love seeing our young adults blazing the trail!**

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We Are ALL Trayvon Martin…

What do we want??? JUSTICE!!!
And when do we want it??? NOW!!!

I can imagine this was chanted during the Million Hoodie March today.

If ANYONE who can read this post thinks that this story does not involve them, think again! Anyone can look at YOU and feel that you are a threat.  Someone can “perceive” that you aim to do them harm because of your race, your dress, your attitude, your hair, or anything that comes to mind.  So at the end of the day


In Sorrow,

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The Travesty That Is The Trayvon Martin Case

**Deep Sigh**

I have come back to this blog spot to report some news that is tragic or stupid and in most cases, tragically stupid.  But the news for the past few weeks has been a tragic travesty.  I am referring to the Trayvon Martin case.  Unless you have been under a rock or in a bomb shelter someplace you must have already heard about this case.

17-year-old African-American, Trayvon Martin, was shot and killed inside a gated community by a Hispanic man named George Zimmerman who was part of a neighborhood watch.  Trayvon was on his way from the store and had a pack of skittles, a can of iced tea and was talking on the cellphone at the time.  Trayvon was on the phone with his girlfriend and told her that some guy was watching him.  I will not review the entire story because I am sure that you have heard much of it already.  But I will say that the shooter STILL HAS NOT BEEN ARRESTED!  Trayvon was wearing a hoodie HOWEVER please be advised that he put the hoodie up after he realized he was being watched.

The shooter, Zimmerman has said that Trayvon looked suspicious… really???  This story has inspired the Million Hoodie March for justice.

This story is sad, disturbing, and disgusting on so many levels.  Is this the POST-RACIAL America we live in?

Please take a moment to review the links.  The links review the Trayvon Martin case, The Million Hoodie March, and The Stand Your Ground Law.

  1. ABC News : Trayvon Martin Case: Timeline of Events
  2. CBS News : Twin Investigations Open in Trayvon Martin Case
  3. US News/MSNBC : Trayvon Martin’s Final Phone Call
  4. FOX News : Trayvon Martin’s Alleged Attacker Not Covered Under Law
  5. LA Tines : Self Defense? Trayvon Martin Was Using A Cellphone
  6. CNN : Lawyer: Girl On Phone With Trayvon Martin
  7. NY Daily News : Million Hoodie March Takes Union Square In Protest
  8. NBC New York : Trayvon Martin’s Parents Attend NYC Million Hoodie March
  9. CBS New York : Million Hoodie March Held In Union Square
  10. Chicago Tribune : An Invitation To Murder?

Be informed, be educated.  Trayvon Martin’s family deserves justice.  Trayvon did not have to die…

Skittles and Tea is NOT a weapon…


Do You Know Where Your Child Is?

 I heard this story last night but I was already offline, so I slept on it.  But when I woke up this morning I was thinking about it because it was bothering me something terrible! The story really had me confused as hell!
I heard that a mother had left her five year old child behind at Chuck E Cheese.  But the part that really bothered me was the part where the mom did not realize the child was gone until the NEXT MORNING!  Now, I am confused because number one, this five year old was the Birthday Girl, it was her party. Number two, how are you packing up the car to go home and not realize that you are missing the BIRTHDAY GIRL? The mom has 10 children including the five year old birthday girl and she took 9 other children as well to the Chuck E Cheese. The mother said they all traveled in three separate cars.  Hmmm, but that still does not explain how you as the parent is not sure of where your child is, especially on her birthday!
I know mistakes happen but as a mother and grandmother I know that after a day of playing and activities, you bathe, brush teeth and prepare your child for bed.  Well, at least that is how I was raised and how I raised mine. But to not know your five year old is missing until the next morning raises all types of questions. What about talking to your child asking if they enjoyed their party, finding out what about their birthday did they like the most, or some kind of dialogue before they go to bed?  The child lives in the same house as you, so how do you come in and prepare yourself for bed, get in the bed, go to sleep, wake up, and then go in to prepare your child for school and realize she is not there?? This is NOT OKAY!
Now this child will remember that she got left at Chuck E Cheese. The little girl is in custody of Child Protective Services pending an investigation. Read the entire story HERE.

In another story a three year old child was left in a different Chuck E Cheese.  Apparently the two parents assumed that the child was with the other parent.  They both found out the child was missing a few hours later by watching the news. Still asinine but a little more understandable then the previous story. Read the entire story HERE.

I’m going to need these parent to get it together. I bet Chuck E. Cheese will start changing some rules in their organization.  Even though they are not at fault, two children left behind in a week (different locations, but still…)
STOP, Right now and do a Child/Grandchild check!
Do you know where your children are? If not FIND OUT!
Children are PRECIOUS please take care of them!


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Jakadrien Turner leaves Dallas and Lands in Colombia??

I hope you saw the news article about the Dallas teenager who has been missing since 2010 but was actually deported to Colombia.  It has been all over the internet today, so I decided to post about it after the crowd died down!  If not you can read it HERE and HERE.  Now you may be thinking, “OK, this is Texas, they have an abundance of illegal residents, so what, one of them got sent back”!  BUT, this was a 14-year-old AFRICAN-AMERICAN teenager, who DOES NOT EVEN SPEAK SPANISH!  So you may be scratching your head (Much like I was doing when I first heard this mess!) and wondering how the heck does something like this happen??

Well it starts with a teenager who is distraught over the loss of a grandfather.   Then you add the tragedy of divorcing parents.  And on top of all of that you add a dash of obvious discontent (since she was running away I assume the discontent part).  You can also add that she obviously had no adult she thought she could talk to about her issues and mental state.  The story goes like this….

Jakadrien Turner ran away from her home in Oak Cliff in Dallas, Texas in November, 2010.  The reason she ran away is being indirectly attributed to the loss of her grandfather and the divorce of her parents.  (But I of course believe there is something missing from this portion of the story).  Jakadrien ran as far as Houston, Texas.  In Houston, Texas in April 2011, Jakadrien Turner was caught shoplifting.  Jakadrien gave the police a phony name and when that name was run it came back as belonging to a 22-year-old, illegal immigrant from Colombia.  Here is where the story gets asinine…. evidently her finger prints were taken but there was no follow through.  Despite the physical differences between a 14-year-old and a 22-year-old, despite the fact that this African-American girl spoke no Spanish (Uh, coming from Colombia, yes I expect that you should be able to speak spanish!), and despite the fact that no follow through on the fingerprints or paper work was completed, Jakadrien was deported to Colombia (Yes, SOUTH AMERICA!) by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).  This young lady even had her information posted on the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children’s website, See posting HERE.  But no one bothered to check for that.

So after all of that, I wonder who will be demoted behind this fiasco.  Yes I said demoted because since this is a young African-American girl I do not think anyone will loose his or her job over this but someone will likely be demoted. (Sad, but true, This IS America…).  Jakadrien’s grandmother found her through Facebook.  Jakadrien is now being detained in a Colombian “facility” by Colombian officials despite American authorities from the U.S. Embassy trying to retrieve her. (Maybe someone should call Tom Cruise and his Mission Impossible crew, they seem to get results!).

So as a parent and a grandparent I have some questions/concerns about this story… (Yea, besides the obvious question about the OBVIOUS INCOMPETENCE of the U.S. Immigration officials…)

  1. Where are Jakadrien Turner’s parents?
  2. Why is the grandmother the only one looking for her?
  3. Why did she REALLY run away?
  4. Did she have a mentor, teacher, confidant, or ANYONE that she could have talked to?
  5. Why is this 15-year-old girl now pregnant?
  6. Who was Jakadrien living with in Houston?
  7. Is she hurt? Was she damaged in ANY way?
  8. And lastly, we need to address her running away and her lying about her identity which helped land her behind in Colombia, South America in the first place.

But all the madness and questions aside… I pray that baby girl is returned home safely.  I pray that she receives the counseling, healing, and restoration that she needs.  I pray that her and her family are restored and mended to wholeness.



2011 in Review

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2011 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 2,500 times in 2011. If it were a cable car, it would take about 42 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.


Join me in 2012!

Blessings, Regina

Angel Food Ministries Founders, Pastors Joe and Linda Wingo Indicted

More and more signs that point to the inevitable conclusion that we are indeed in the LAST DAYS.  Organizations which were designed and purposed to do good are wavering and falling.  Case in point, the ANGEL FOOD Ministries Organization is out of business and key personnel are being indited on criminal charges.  If you have never heard of the ANGEL FOOD Ministries Organization let me explain.  Angel Food Ministries was a 501 c 3, non-profit, non-denominational, Christian organization, which was dedicated to providing food relief to communities throughout the United States.  The program offered food at extremely low prices to elderly, disadvantaged, or anyone who need bulk food for low prices.  The program operated largely out of warehouses (due to the nature of the bulk food items and the space needed to serve hundreds of people) and churches and serviced thousands of church communities.  The program began in 1994 with 34 families in Georgia and grew to serve over 500,000 families across the United States monthly.  The program was extremely useful to elderly individuals who live on a fixed income and to those struggling to make ends meet.  Angel Food provided a supplement to the ever shrinking dollar.

Unfortunately in September the organization announced that it would not be able to fulfill the September orders and was going out of business.  Soon there after the company closed it’s doors for good.  In September 2011, Rob Kerby, Senior Editor at Belief Net published this post about the Angel Food debacle,

Angel Food Ministries cancels September deliveries, suspends refunds

The posting was VERY enlightening!  The post talked about the shady past and financial dealings of Pastor Joe Wingo, his wife Linda Wingo and several of their family members. Pastor Joe Wingo was also the pastor of Emmanuel Praise Church.

While surfing the internet today I read articles that said an indictment for multiple federal charges against the founders of the now defunct Angel Food Ministries were handed down.  Pastors Joe Wingo, his wife Linda, son Andy and business associate Harry Michaels reportedly were charged in the indictment.  According to the Washington Post, “Authorities say a federal indictment charges three officials associated with Angel Food Ministries and an employee with dozens of counts including fraud, wire fraud, conspiracy to commit money laundering and others.”  The 71 page indictment outlines 49 criminal counts.  The Wingos are to appear in a Macon County court today to answer charges which include conspiracy to commit wire fraud, mail fraud, witness tampering and transporting stolen property across state lines.

Bottom line hundreds of people lost jobs who faithfully worked with the organization across the country and HUNDREDS of people who actually utilized the service may go hungry or be forced to find other way to supplement their grocery bills.

Walking on the backs of the Elderly, the Poor, the Downtrodden, and the Disenfranchised, I would not want to be them on Judgement day (and I DO NOT mean in the court of THIS world)  It appears that the Wingos have a lot of explaining to do.

When Will Folks Stop Pissing On The Little Guy?

Be Blessed All!


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