The Travesty That Is The Trayvon Martin Case

**Deep Sigh**

I have come back to this blog spot to report some news that is tragic or stupid and in most cases, tragically stupid.  But the news for the past few weeks has been a tragic travesty.  I am referring to the Trayvon Martin case.  Unless you have been under a rock or in a bomb shelter someplace you must have already heard about this case.

17-year-old African-American, Trayvon Martin, was shot and killed inside a gated community by a Hispanic man named George Zimmerman who was part of a neighborhood watch.  Trayvon was on his way from the store and had a pack of skittles, a can of iced tea and was talking on the cellphone at the time.  Trayvon was on the phone with his girlfriend and told her that some guy was watching him.  I will not review the entire story because I am sure that you have heard much of it already.  But I will say that the shooter STILL HAS NOT BEEN ARRESTED!  Trayvon was wearing a hoodie HOWEVER please be advised that he put the hoodie up after he realized he was being watched.

The shooter, Zimmerman has said that Trayvon looked suspicious… really???  This story has inspired the Million Hoodie March for justice.

This story is sad, disturbing, and disgusting on so many levels.  Is this the POST-RACIAL America we live in?

Please take a moment to review the links.  The links review the Trayvon Martin case, The Million Hoodie March, and The Stand Your Ground Law.

  1. ABC News : Trayvon Martin Case: Timeline of Events
  2. CBS News : Twin Investigations Open in Trayvon Martin Case
  3. US News/MSNBC : Trayvon Martin’s Final Phone Call
  4. FOX News : Trayvon Martin’s Alleged Attacker Not Covered Under Law
  5. LA Tines : Self Defense? Trayvon Martin Was Using A Cellphone
  6. CNN : Lawyer: Girl On Phone With Trayvon Martin
  7. NY Daily News : Million Hoodie March Takes Union Square In Protest
  8. NBC New York : Trayvon Martin’s Parents Attend NYC Million Hoodie March
  9. CBS New York : Million Hoodie March Held In Union Square
  10. Chicago Tribune : An Invitation To Murder?

Be informed, be educated.  Trayvon Martin’s family deserves justice.  Trayvon did not have to die…

Skittles and Tea is NOT a weapon…



Seagrams Gin Shows Love For Ethnic Communities

I was on the internet this morning and saw a posting about Seagram’s Gin selling DU-RAGS with special edition bottles of Seagram’s Gin.  Yes, you read it correctly… DU-RAGS!  Buy a bottle of special edition Seagram’s Gin and get a free DU-RAG!  So here is the link to where I read it and here is the link to the Detroit, Michigan post where it was first seen!

I am sure that the super Intelligent, Fashion Forward, man about town will be rushing to the nearest liquor store to grab his gin and du-rag!  I am not suggesting that intelligent , fashion forward men do not wear du-rags, I am simply trying to get the public to focus on the marketing techniques of Seagram’s Gin.

I went to the Seagram’s Gin website in efforts to prove, disprove, corroborate or shoot down this possible Facebook hoax.  Interestingly enough I first found the 2011 Seagram’s Calendar models.  You might be interested to know that 11 of the models are African-American and 1 is Asian, all are female.  I guess Seagram’s strongly believes that only men (and lesbians) look at calendars.  I guess they also believe that African-American females are the best choice for the Seagram’s Gin Calendar!  The Seagram’s Gin website had no mention of the infamous Gin and Du-Rag collaboration (Of Course they would not put such inflammatory and racist nonsense on their very reputable website….) so I will just have to leave this one up to the people to prove or disprove!

What do YOU think about this???

I will close with this, If you are tired of being targeted, STOP making yourself a Mark! ... Think about it…

Peace & Love All


President Obama, Student Loans and Me…

WOW!  It has been 6 months since I posted here.  I would love to tell you about all the FABULOUS things I have been doing and why I have not been posting on this blog but frankly the reason I have not posted in 6 months is….. I forgot my password.  Yep, that is it, I simply could not remember my password or user name.  It has taken me a while but things are back in order now!

However I have been slowly but surely closing in on that Bachelor Degree of Human Services Management that I have been working towards.  July 2012 is when I will be done and my degree will be official.  My youngest daughter is a high school senior and is set to graduate in June 2012.  Of course this means student loans.  So not only will I be liable for my student loans but I will also be entering the realm of her student loans. Yaayyy.

I pray that the news article I read on helps me when I need it.

According to, “Obama said it’s never been more important to get a college education, but it’s also never been more expensive. Obama said his plan will help not just individuals, but the nation, because graduates will have more money to spend on things like buying homes” (  Read the article in its entirety HERE.

Let Us Pray…


Troy Davis Is Dead… Now What?

I woke up drained. Drained mentally, physically, and spiritually. Today is Thursday but this week has brought a lot of issues and problems. Issues personally, issues with my children and issues in the world we live in. I want to bring to your attention Troy Anthony Davis. I have followed his story since 2008 when it was brought to my attention by fellow blogger “Villager” from the Electronic Village Blog. Within the last few months, weeks and of course days the case of Troy Davis has gotten world wide exposure. The execution of Troy Anthony Davis will have world wide ramifications. Now LET ME BE PERFECTLY CLEARI DO NOT know if Troy Anthony Davis committed the crime of killing an off duty police officer which is what he was convicted of. Only God knows the truth there. What I do know is that he was convicted based on the testimony of eyewitnesses. There was NO weapon found, NO DNA, and NO other evidence. I also know that 7 out of 9 witnesses later recanted their testimony, citing police coercion, bullying and threatening to get them to implicate Troy Davis. Based on this, I feel that there is reasonable doubt in this case. In my mind if there is doubt how can you justify sending a man to his death??
I am against the death penalty. I feel that only God should have that ultimate power, because only God knows all. We should not have the authority to kill someone based on what we think happened, or what we perceive to be the truth.
But alas, Troy Anthony Davis is dead and we killed him. When I say WE I mean the American Justice System. In order that Troy’s death not be in vain WE need to get active. Do not wait until another sensational case comes along to get involved. Don’t stop being OUTRAGED over this death! Write letters to your Congressmen, Senators, Governors, etc. Get involved in your local politics which is where we can make the most difference. Get involved with human rights organizations such as Amnesty International and Color of Change, and When petitions hit Washington you name should be on them. Find a cause that you feel strongly about and FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT!!! Troy Davis did not give up his fight and neither should we! This death should NOT be an ending or a sign of defeat, It should be a MOTIVATING CALL TO ACTION!

RIP Troy Anthony Davis,
September 21, 2011 (11:08 pm)

What’s YOUR next move??

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Time Moves On & The News Is Dreary…

Wow, it has been so long since I have updated this blog that it took me about 30 minutes to remember the user name and password!  I have not been here since June, that is about 3 months.

But the news has certainly not slowed down any. There is still death, destruction, crime, lies, and brutality.  I was watching the news with my daughter the other night and she shook her head and said, “How can you watch this all the time, it is so depressing.”.  She is absolutely correct the news is very depressing, but we do not live in a bubble and we can not be ignorant to what goes on around us.

Ignorance is NOT bliss in today’s society. WE NEED TO STAY INFORMED!

Some recent News stories:

Mark Zuckerberg CEO of Facebook will donate $100 Million to Newark New Jersey public schools. Folks are complaining and wondering about his motives. Really?? Who cares! The schools are getting much needed money!

Similac  powdered baby formula removed from store shelves because of tainted formula. Hmmm, so that’s why God made Breasts…

Prominent Atlanta Pastor, Bishop Eddie Long accused of coercion and sexual misconduct by 3 young men. Well, it is what it is, keep praying and let God handle the rest.

Iranian President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad told the UN General Assembly that the U.S. Government orchestrated the 9/11 attacks.  Hmmm, I wouldn’t want to be this dude on a dark NYC street…

11 Year old babysitter kills 2-year-old girl. Lots of questions here, starting with, Why the hell is an 11-year-old babysitting a 2-year-old???

Reggie Garret, a Texas high school quarterback collapses and dies after throwing touchdown pass.  Many prayers go out to the family of this young man. Life is short and NO ONE is promised tomorrow.

Denver Broncos wide receiver, Kenny McKinley was found dead in his Colorado home. The investigation is on-going but the reports are saying that a self-inflicted gunshot wound killed him. What could be so bad with your life that at the ripe old age of 23 you want to kill yourself … besides being bored to death in Colorado?

Well, there you have it the news you have been missing!

The one thing I HATE to hear is, “The devil made me do it”.  WOW! OK, Let me be very clear about this folks, THE DEVIL CANNOT MAKE YOU DO A DARN THING!! Any and everything you do is because YOU CHOSE TO DO IT! Even if someone holds a gun to your head YOU make the choice to get shot or not. EVERYTHING WE DO IS A CHOICE!

Another thing… BEFORE you start accusing, judging, agreeing or disagreeing, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, get ALL of the FACTS!

God sits high and looks low, Let GOD judge, NOT YOU!

You don’t have to be Ms Cleo to see troubling times ahead…

Peace & Love

Health Care Reform Bill Signed And 13 States React…

Wow! What a day! Today was a historic moment because President Barack Obama signed the health care reform bill.  Maybe now MILLIONS of uninsured people in the United States can get health care.  I include myself in that number because I am currently uninsured.  Why? you may ask??  Because I was laid of and being unemployed means no health insurance, but before  I was laid off I still had no insurance.  Why?  Because in my job as an Interim Executive Director of a small non-profit run by a church I was not offered health insurance because my position was INTERIM!  Since I was not a permanent employee the church that founded and funded the non-profit said they could not afford to offer me health care.  So I fell in between the cracks, in the gray areas.  I had a pretty good job which paid me pretty good money BUT not good enough to afford health insurance on my own and since I was not a permanent employee the church was not offering me any.  I am now self-employed BUT still unable to afford coverage…

My daughter is also among the uninsured.  Why? Because she is 24 years old and just graduated from college and is job searching.  So she also falls in the gray area of the uninsured.

But today a bill was signed into law that may help us both get some sort of coverage!

So, after all the jubilee over the signing (by supporters) and after all the cursing and rhetoric (by detractors) guess what else happened???  According to the Associated Press (check out the video HERE) 7 minutes after Mr. President signed the bill, Attorney Generals from 13 STATES filed a law suit against the federal government saying that the health care overhaul is UNCONSTITUTIONAL! But being uninsured (not by choice but by circumstance) is just fine with them!  WTH! And Yes, the state that I live in “Good Ole Texas” is one of those 13 states that filed suit.  God Help Us…


I also blogged about today’s Historic event at Regina’s Family Seasons, check it out!

Single Parenting ~vs~ US Army Deployment…

I heard this on the radio while listening to the Tom Joyner Morning show yesterday and there are still no words to express what I feel about this situation.

Alexis Hutchinson age 21 is an army cook stationed at Hunter Army Airfield in Savannah, Georgia.  Spc. Hutchinson is also a single parent to a 10 – month old baby boy named Kamani.  Spc. Alexis Hutchinson was scheduled for deployment but had no one to care for her child.  Hutchinson’s mother already cares for a special needs child, an ailing mother and an ailing sister and the addition of Kamani was too much.  According to, “The Army said the young mother had plenty of time to sort out family issues and has been confined to her post at Fort Stewart, Georgia, while an investigation unfolds”.

According to, “Her civilian attorney, Rai Sue Sussman, said Monday that one of Hutchinson’s superiors told her she would have to deploy anyway and place the child in foster care”.  Hutchinson could face multiple charges including AWOL and desertion.  The situation is under investigation and in the meantime Hutchinson is confined to the boundaries of Hunter Airfield.

Read the story and form your own opinion.  I can not sit in judgment, but I must say I am concerned and questioning the grandmother’s position on this.  I understand that she is caring for a special needs child and caring for 2 ailing relatives AND she is doing childcare in her home.  However as soon as she heard that Kamani had been taken from his mom, grandma was on a plane from California to Georgia to care for him… If you can’t count on your family then …

I also definitely have issues with the US Military system.  They are so quick to send our men and women over to fight a war without any care or concern about the families that are left behind.  ~SMDH~  Either she will still have to be deployed and maybe leave her child in government care or she will be court marshalled and perhaps dishonorably discharged from the army meaning no benefits for her and her child.  Can she file hardship papers and get an Honorable discharge from the military? I do not know.

The flip side of this story is the fact that when writing her family care plan she should not have designated her mother as guardian of her child if her mother was not capable of fulfilling that duty.  The family care plan is put into place so that if anything happens to the soldier all of the appropriate systems are set into place.  When she signed up for the military she was told that deployment at war-time would be a possibility.

There are two sides to every story.  The whole thing is a sad situation all around.

Peace & Love…

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