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Trivia Spencer, Grand Prairie, Texas – “Pawstry Market”
TWITTER: mizezspencer
LINKEDIN: Trivia Spencer
GOOGLE+: coming soon ūüėČ
Tell the readers a little bit about yourself. I am from Chicago Illinois, been in Texas for almost half of my life.. Air Force veteran. Mother of 3 great kids and fur mommy to 2 beautiful boxers.
Explain what type of business you operate? Pet Treat Bakery
How long have you been in business? 2 years
How did you get the name for your business? I wanted to develop something that would represent cats and dogs, and also reflect the other levels that I want to take the business to. Currently we make baked ‚Äúccokies‚ÄĚ for dogs and baked cat treats, the future is a store front that provides pet friendly meals and treats- not just kibble out of a bag.

What motivated you to start this type of business? The love of my fur baby Roxxy- I wanted to create healthy and safe treats for her when she turned 1 and couldn’t find anything in the pet stores that I was comfortable with.
What are your top 5 must have business tools/aids? Cell phone, email, software for bakery, portable payment system and Facebook page. (Regina: YES! Marketing truly matters!)
Where do you see your business in 5 years? I see my business being a full time retail location with meals and treats and a sponsor for Autism speaks and a neighborhood dog park and walking trail. (Regina: WELL, ALRIGHTY THEN!!! Talk about a five year plan, THAT’s what’s up!!)
What inspires you? My family, dogs included. They have been very supportive and continue to come up with creative ideas and marketing campaigns. They also keep me on point, when I don’t have orders they keep me motivated to continue to refine products and come up with new ideas.
Who is your business icon or who‚Äôs business ethic do you admire? Liddabit a Sweets– they are a small business based in NY. A dream and a kitchen and their little company have become something fabulous. Their operation isn‚Äôt high tech or fancy, but they provide wonderful treats and take pride in the ingredients and their process. (Regina: Ehem… You know I’m from Brooklyn right? Shout out to my hometown BROOKLYN, BROOKLYN!! sorry… please continue!)
If you were standing in front of a room full of hopeful, promising, entrepreneurs what would you say to them? Don‚Äôt let anyone tell you that you don‚Äôt have a good idea!! (Regina: EXACTLY, America was built on small ideas!)

What an awesome lady! This makes me ALMOST want a dog… ALMOST!
Thanks, Trivia!


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Do You Know Where Your Child Is?

 I heard this story last night but I was already offline, so I slept on it.  But when I woke up this morning I was thinking about it because it was bothering me something terrible! The story really had me confused as hell!
I heard that a mother had left her five year old child behind at Chuck E Cheese.  But the part that really bothered me was the part where the mom did not realize the child was gone until the NEXT MORNING!  Now, I am confused because number one, this five year old was the Birthday Girl, it was her party. Number two, how are you packing up the car to go home and not realize that you are missing the BIRTHDAY GIRL? The mom has 10 children including the five year old birthday girl and she took 9 other children as well to the Chuck E Cheese. The mother said they all traveled in three separate cars.  Hmmm, but that still does not explain how you as the parent is not sure of where your child is, especially on her birthday!
I know mistakes happen but as a mother and grandmother I know that after a day of playing and activities, you bathe, brush teeth and prepare your child for bed.  Well, at least that is how I was raised and how I raised mine. But to not know your five year old is missing until the next morning raises all types of questions. What about talking to your child asking if they enjoyed their party, finding out what about their birthday did they like the most, or some kind of dialogue before they go to bed?  The child lives in the same house as you, so how do you come in and prepare yourself for bed, get in the bed, go to sleep, wake up, and then go in to prepare your child for school and realize she is not there?? This is NOT OKAY!
Now this child will remember that she got left at Chuck E Cheese. The little girl is in custody of Child Protective Services pending an investigation. Read the entire story HERE.

In another story a three year old child was left in a different Chuck E Cheese.  Apparently the two parents assumed that the child was with the other parent.  They both found out the child was missing a few hours later by watching the news. Still asinine but a little more understandable then the previous story. Read the entire story HERE.

I’m going to need these parent to get it together. I bet Chuck E. Cheese will start changing some rules in their organization.  Even though they are not at fault, two children left behind in a week (different locations, but still…)
STOP, Right now and do a Child/Grandchild check!
Do you know where your children are? If not FIND OUT!
Children are PRECIOUS please take care of them!


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Jakadrien Turner leaves Dallas and Lands in Colombia??

I hope you saw the news article about the Dallas teenager who has been missing since 2010 but was actually deported to Colombia. ¬†It has been all over the internet today, so I decided to post about it after the crowd died down! ¬†If not you can read it HERE and HERE. ¬†Now you may be thinking, “OK, this is Texas, they have an abundance of illegal residents, so what, one of them got sent back”! ¬†BUT, this was a 14-year-old AFRICAN-AMERICAN teenager, who DOES NOT EVEN SPEAK SPANISH! ¬†So you may be scratching your head (Much like I was doing when I¬†first¬†heard this mess!) and wondering how the heck does something like this happen??

Well it starts with a teenager who is distraught over the¬†loss¬†of a grandfather. ¬† Then you add¬†the tragedy of divorcing¬†parents. ¬†And on top of all of that you add a dash of obvious discontent (since she was running away I assume the discontent part). ¬†You can also add that she obviously had no adult she thought she could talk to about her issues and mental state. ¬†The story goes like this….

Jakadrien Turner ran away from her home in Oak Cliff in Dallas,¬†Texas¬†in November, 2010. ¬†The reason she ran away is being indirectly attributed to the loss of her grandfather and the divorce of her parents. ¬†(But I of course believe there is something missing from this portion of the story). ¬†Jakadrien ran as far as Houston, Texas. ¬†In Houston, Texas in April 2011, Jakadrien Turner was caught shoplifting. ¬†Jakadrien gave the police a phony name and when that name was run it came back as belonging to a 22-year-old, illegal immigrant from Colombia. ¬†Here is where the story gets asinine….¬†evidently¬†her finger prints were taken but there was no follow¬†through. ¬†Despite the physical differences between a 14-year-old and a 22-year-old, despite the fact¬†that this African-American girl spoke no¬†Spanish¬†(Uh, coming from¬†Colombia, yes I expect that you¬†should¬†be able to¬†speak¬†spanish!), and despite the fact that no follow through on the fingerprints or paper work was completed, Jakadrien was deported to Colombia (Yes,¬†SOUTH AMERICA!) by¬†U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). ¬†This young lady even had her information posted on the¬†National Center for¬†Missing & Exploited Children’s website, See posting HERE. ¬†But no one bothered to check for that.

So after all of that, I wonder who will be demoted behind this fiasco. ¬†Yes I said demoted because since this is a young African-American girl I do not think anyone will¬†loose¬†his or her job over this but someone will likely be demoted. (Sad, but true, This IS America…). ¬†Jakadrien’s grandmother found her through¬†Facebook. ¬†Jakadrien is now being detained in a Colombian “facility” by Colombian officials despite¬†American¬†authorities from the U.S. Embassy trying to¬†retrieve¬†her. (Maybe someone¬†should¬†call Tom Cruise and his Mission Impossible crew, they seem to get results!).

So as a parent and a grandparent I have some questions/concerns about this story… (Yea, besides the obvious question about the OBVIOUS INCOMPETENCE of the U.S. Immigration officials…)

  1. Where are Jakadrien Turner’s parents?
  2. Why is the grandmother the only one looking for her?
  3. Why did she REALLY run away?
  4. Did she have a mentor, teacher, confidant, or ANYONE that she could have talked to?
  5. Why is this 15-year-old girl now pregnant?
  6. Who was Jakadrien living with in Houston?
  7. Is she hurt? Was she damaged in ANY way?
  8. And lastly, we need to address her running away and her lying about her identity which helped land her behind in Colombia, South America in the first place.

But all the¬†madness¬†and questions aside… I pray that baby girl is returned home safely. ¬†I pray that she receives the counseling, healing, and restoration that she needs. ¬†I pray that her and her family are restored and mended to wholeness.



President Obama, Student Loans and Me…

WOW!¬† It has been 6 months since I posted here.¬† I would love to tell you about all the FABULOUS things I have been doing and why I have not been posting on this blog but frankly the reason I have not posted in 6 months is….. I forgot my password.¬† Yep, that is it, I simply could not remember my password or user name.¬† It has taken me a while but things are back in order now!

However I have been slowly but surely closing in on that Bachelor Degree of Human Services Management that I have been working towards.  July 2012 is when I will be done and my degree will be official.  My youngest daughter is a high school senior and is set to graduate in June 2012.  Of course this means student loans.  So not only will I be liable for my student loans but I will also be entering the realm of her student loans. Yaayyy.

I pray that the news article I read on MSNBC.com helps me when I need it.

According to MSNBC.com, “Obama said it’s never been more important to get a college education, but it’s also never been more expensive. Obama said his plan will help not just individuals, but the nation, because graduates will have more money to spend on things like buying homes” (MSNBC.com).¬† Read the article in its entirety HERE.

Let Us Pray…


Cleveland Texas, How I Loathe Thee

I have not been on this blog in about 5 months.  I generally uses this blog as a place to voice my take on the news.  However I think I got to a place where the news was utterly depressing me and so I just left this spot alone for a while.  But I am back now and the news still sucks but we cannot hide from it, so we may as well dialogue about it.

So since I live in the second largest state in the United States of America, which is TEXAS, the news here just NEVER STOPS!  I hope you have already heard about the fire in the Houston daycare home, run by 22 year old Jessica Tata.  Read about the story HERE, HERE, and HERE.  This woman left 7 children in a her home UNATTENDED while she ran to the store! WTH! These 7 children were all under the age of 4 years old AND this chick had something on the stove cooking!  Tragedy is that 4 children have died and 3 were critically injured.  What happened to Jessica Tata?? Well, TWO DAYS AFTER this devastating fire and tragedy, she fled the country back to her native Nigeria and is currently on the FBI top 100 Wanted List.

I am still amazed at the fallacy that we call a justice system in America.  This woman was not IMMEDIATELY taken into custody, even though HER HOUSE had the fire, FOUR CHILDREN in HER CARE died, THREE CHILDREN in HER CARE were injured, and SHE CLEARLY WAS NOT HOME AT THE TIME!  A policeman can go to a home on a domestic abuse case and arrest one or both parties involved right then and there!  HOWEVER, this woman was allowed TWO DAYS, enough time to PACK, MAKE TRAVEL ARRANGEMENTS, and FLEE the country??  Why did they NOT see her as a FLIGHT RISK???????

But speaking of domestic abuse and Texas, I’m sure that by now you have heard about the current case in Cleveland Texas, right?¬† This case involves the alleged rape of an 11 year old girl by 18, YES, I SAID 18 men and boys!¬† I am a God-fearing woman and I know that vengeance is the Lord’s BUT these men (and I use that term very, very loosely) better be glad that I am NOT GOD or their JUDGE because they would be piles of CASTRATED and BURNED ash right now! You can read the story HERE, HERE and HERE. These 18 males, ranging in age from 14-27 allegedly had sex with the 11 year old 6th-grader at a home of one of the suspects.¬† However, they moved to an abandoned trailer when a family member came home unexpectedly.

Okay, here is my issue with Cleveland, Texas…

Instead of the focus being on the emotional, physical, and mental care of an 11 year old victimized girl.  The focus has been made into a racial problem! According to the DailyMail.com Community Activist Quanell X reportedly said,

Quanell X, leader of the Black Panther movement in Houston – a mere 45 miles away – told ABC News: ‘Every adult male that had sex with this child should go to prison, I don’t care what the colour is.

‘But I do not believe black males are the only ones that had contact with this young child. It appears to me there’s only been the selective prosecution of one community, which is African-American.’

Why is this a racial issue?  Because the 11 year old rape victim was HISPANIC and the 18 alleged perpetrators were AFRICAN-AMERICAN, DUH!  So of course the focus is on the race and NOT on the victim BECAUSE OBVIOUSLY THE BURNING QUESTION HERE IS WHY ARE THEY ONLY ARRESTING BLACK BOYS? How assinine of me to think that the point here should be THE ACTUAL 11 YEAR OLD RAPE VICTIM!
Yea, word to the wise, Be CAREFUL who you call your LEADERS! Quanell X is SOOO RIGHT on this one… Yea (I hope you see the obviously dripping SARCASM I used).¬† You may be wondering where were her parents and why didn’t she tell them?¬† Well, I don’t know and frankly that is not my concern at this point.¬† It happened and this little girl will need to learn how to deal with the stolen youth and innocence of her broken life.¬† I pray that my children and ALL children have someone they can trust to tell things of this magnitude to.¬† If you do not have that kind of open relationship with your parents for whatever reason, then PLEASE build a relationship with some other adult who you can confide in.
Awww, but it gets worse!  Some in this Cleveland, Texas community are hinting to, insinuating that, and alluding to this RAPE being the little 11 year old girls fault!!  How dare people show their IGNORANCE by saying that because of the way a person walks, talks, acts, or dresses means they are agreeing to rape sex!! As a matter of fact according to Fox 4 news

Thursday’s meeting was led by Quanell X, an activist prominent in Houston’s black community. He told the audience of more than 130 people who had packed a small community center that the gathering’s goal was not to criticize the girl but to question the investigation by police, although he did question why she didn’t report the attack to authorities herself.

“I did not come here this evening to jump on an 11-year-old girl,” he said.

The activist, who was invited to speak by a local pastor, said he was concerned that only young black men had been arrested. He said he believed some of those arrested were guilty but that others were not. He told those in attendance that if they were questioned by police about the case that they should only talk to police with a lawyer present.

During the meeting, Quanell X also asked people to donate money to the defense funds for two of those arrested in the case.

After the meeting, many in attendance told reporters that the girl had consented to the sex.

“She lied about her age. Them boys didn’t rape her. She wanted this to happen. I’m not taking nobody’s side, but if she hadn’t put herself in that predicament, this would have never happened,” said Angie Woods, who lives in Houston but grew up in Cleveland.

My, my, my!¬† Thank you so much ANGIE WOODS of HOUSTON TEXAS for explaining to the world how an 11 year old girl can avoid a gang rape by 18 (or more) grown men by not lying about her age and by not putting ones self in such predicaments!¬† Because ANGIE WOODS as YOU STATED this 11 year old girl CLEARLY “wanted this to happen”… (How ASININE can one person REALLY BE?).
My head hurts, my stomach is in knots and I want to vomit… I cannot even think about this anymore…

Tis’ The Season!

Tis’ the Season!! I LOVE Christmas! It is absolutely my favorite Holiday!! Of course for the obvious reason, JESUS is the reason for the season!!! But I also like the overall feeling of love and kindness in the air. This is also the time of year when you really expect family to be together! I am getting into the Christmas mood, by watching all of my favorite Christmas movies and by watching some new favorites! I am listening to Christmas music, and my daycare kids and I are making Holiday crafts! I am of course shopping, Because, you know… my grand kids absolutely NEED some more random junk (*Insert sarcasm here*).

I went to a Christmas store, that is supposed to be “Texas’ #1 Christmas Store”.
The store smelled good and looked festive.
Yes… This is Nutcracker with a Big Nut!

I think it was more of showplace than a store because the displays were fabulous but the prices were a little (a LOT!) on the OUTRAGEOUS side!
This is what I mean…

I don’t know about YOU but I know that I am not even thinking about paying $749 for a CHRISTMAS TREE, and the darn tree is not even REAL! And that was one of the cheaper ones. Maybe they thought they were doing me a favor by showing the “Compare to” price! But, uh, yea, that was unnecessary because the compare to price and the ticketed price both meant NOTHING to me! I was there strictly as a tourist!! You know, to ooooh and aahhh, to take some pictures and then get the hell out of there! And that is exactly what I did! But the place is VERY NICE!!
*They didn’t even have wrapping paper (I guess that is too low end for them!)!* But again, I repeat the place was very nice!

Let’s not forget the REASON FOR THE SEASON!! (JESUS, JESUS, JESUS!!!!!!)
Have a great week!

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No Surrender, No Retreat!

Wow, what a long week this has been. Thank God it’s FRIDAY! In case you missed it, go by HERE and check out my Old School Friday selections!
So, I know that a lot of you voted this week and I know that a lot of you are VERY DISAPPOINTED, while others of you are EXCEEDINGLY HAPPY. But no matter what the outcomes the point still remains that this is OUR AMERICA and we all have to work together to improve it. COLLABORATION and COOPERATION is perhaps needed more now than ever before.

I voted,My daughter voted,and my mother voted.

The rain was like an omen but we went out and did our civic duty regardless, because WIN or LOSE you cannot just stand on the sidelines and talk trash.
What do we do now?? WE pick ourselves up, brush ourselves off, and KEEP MOVING FORWARD! I am a Black Democrat living in Texas, if I can keep moving forward why can’t you?! This is NOT the end (not yet anyway!), and GOD IS STILL ON THE THRONE!

Besides, at least you are not THIS GUY,who was more upset over the Texas Rangers loosing than any election outcomes!

Keep moving forward people!

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