The Travesty That Is The Trayvon Martin Case

**Deep Sigh**

I have come back to this blog spot to report some news that is tragic or stupid and in most cases, tragically stupid.  But the news for the past few weeks has been a tragic travesty.  I am referring to the Trayvon Martin case.  Unless you have been under a rock or in a bomb shelter someplace you must have already heard about this case.

17-year-old African-American, Trayvon Martin, was shot and killed inside a gated community by a Hispanic man named George Zimmerman who was part of a neighborhood watch.  Trayvon was on his way from the store and had a pack of skittles, a can of iced tea and was talking on the cellphone at the time.  Trayvon was on the phone with his girlfriend and told her that some guy was watching him.  I will not review the entire story because I am sure that you have heard much of it already.  But I will say that the shooter STILL HAS NOT BEEN ARRESTED!  Trayvon was wearing a hoodie HOWEVER please be advised that he put the hoodie up after he realized he was being watched.

The shooter, Zimmerman has said that Trayvon looked suspicious… really???  This story has inspired the Million Hoodie March for justice.

This story is sad, disturbing, and disgusting on so many levels.  Is this the POST-RACIAL America we live in?

Please take a moment to review the links.  The links review the Trayvon Martin case, The Million Hoodie March, and The Stand Your Ground Law.

  1. ABC News : Trayvon Martin Case: Timeline of Events
  2. CBS News : Twin Investigations Open in Trayvon Martin Case
  3. US News/MSNBC : Trayvon Martin’s Final Phone Call
  4. FOX News : Trayvon Martin’s Alleged Attacker Not Covered Under Law
  5. LA Tines : Self Defense? Trayvon Martin Was Using A Cellphone
  6. CNN : Lawyer: Girl On Phone With Trayvon Martin
  7. NY Daily News : Million Hoodie March Takes Union Square In Protest
  8. NBC New York : Trayvon Martin’s Parents Attend NYC Million Hoodie March
  9. CBS New York : Million Hoodie March Held In Union Square
  10. Chicago Tribune : An Invitation To Murder?

Be informed, be educated.  Trayvon Martin’s family deserves justice.  Trayvon did not have to die…

Skittles and Tea is NOT a weapon…



Cleveland Texas, How I Loathe Thee

I have not been on this blog in about 5 months.  I generally uses this blog as a place to voice my take on the news.  However I think I got to a place where the news was utterly depressing me and so I just left this spot alone for a while.  But I am back now and the news still sucks but we cannot hide from it, so we may as well dialogue about it.

So since I live in the second largest state in the United States of America, which is TEXAS, the news here just NEVER STOPS!  I hope you have already heard about the fire in the Houston daycare home, run by 22 year old Jessica Tata.  Read about the story HERE, HERE, and HERE.  This woman left 7 children in a her home UNATTENDED while she ran to the store! WTH! These 7 children were all under the age of 4 years old AND this chick had something on the stove cooking!  Tragedy is that 4 children have died and 3 were critically injured.  What happened to Jessica Tata?? Well, TWO DAYS AFTER this devastating fire and tragedy, she fled the country back to her native Nigeria and is currently on the FBI top 100 Wanted List.

I am still amazed at the fallacy that we call a justice system in America.  This woman was not IMMEDIATELY taken into custody, even though HER HOUSE had the fire, FOUR CHILDREN in HER CARE died, THREE CHILDREN in HER CARE were injured, and SHE CLEARLY WAS NOT HOME AT THE TIME!  A policeman can go to a home on a domestic abuse case and arrest one or both parties involved right then and there!  HOWEVER, this woman was allowed TWO DAYS, enough time to PACK, MAKE TRAVEL ARRANGEMENTS, and FLEE the country??  Why did they NOT see her as a FLIGHT RISK???????

But speaking of domestic abuse and Texas, I’m sure that by now you have heard about the current case in Cleveland Texas, right?  This case involves the alleged rape of an 11 year old girl by 18, YES, I SAID 18 men and boys!  I am a God-fearing woman and I know that vengeance is the Lord’s BUT these men (and I use that term very, very loosely) better be glad that I am NOT GOD or their JUDGE because they would be piles of CASTRATED and BURNED ash right now! You can read the story HERE, HERE and HERE. These 18 males, ranging in age from 14-27 allegedly had sex with the 11 year old 6th-grader at a home of one of the suspects.  However, they moved to an abandoned trailer when a family member came home unexpectedly.

Okay, here is my issue with Cleveland, Texas…

Instead of the focus being on the emotional, physical, and mental care of an 11 year old victimized girl.  The focus has been made into a racial problem! According to the Community Activist Quanell X reportedly said,

Quanell X, leader of the Black Panther movement in Houston – a mere 45 miles away – told ABC News: ‘Every adult male that had sex with this child should go to prison, I don’t care what the colour is.

‘But I do not believe black males are the only ones that had contact with this young child. It appears to me there’s only been the selective prosecution of one community, which is African-American.’

Why is this a racial issue?  Because the 11 year old rape victim was HISPANIC and the 18 alleged perpetrators were AFRICAN-AMERICAN, DUH!  So of course the focus is on the race and NOT on the victim BECAUSE OBVIOUSLY THE BURNING QUESTION HERE IS WHY ARE THEY ONLY ARRESTING BLACK BOYS? How assinine of me to think that the point here should be THE ACTUAL 11 YEAR OLD RAPE VICTIM!
Yea, word to the wise, Be CAREFUL who you call your LEADERS! Quanell X is SOOO RIGHT on this one… Yea (I hope you see the obviously dripping SARCASM I used).  You may be wondering where were her parents and why didn’t she tell them?  Well, I don’t know and frankly that is not my concern at this point.  It happened and this little girl will need to learn how to deal with the stolen youth and innocence of her broken life.  I pray that my children and ALL children have someone they can trust to tell things of this magnitude to.  If you do not have that kind of open relationship with your parents for whatever reason, then PLEASE build a relationship with some other adult who you can confide in.
Awww, but it gets worse!  Some in this Cleveland, Texas community are hinting to, insinuating that, and alluding to this RAPE being the little 11 year old girls fault!!  How dare people show their IGNORANCE by saying that because of the way a person walks, talks, acts, or dresses means they are agreeing to rape sex!! As a matter of fact according to Fox 4 news

Thursday’s meeting was led by Quanell X, an activist prominent in Houston’s black community. He told the audience of more than 130 people who had packed a small community center that the gathering’s goal was not to criticize the girl but to question the investigation by police, although he did question why she didn’t report the attack to authorities herself.

“I did not come here this evening to jump on an 11-year-old girl,” he said.

The activist, who was invited to speak by a local pastor, said he was concerned that only young black men had been arrested. He said he believed some of those arrested were guilty but that others were not. He told those in attendance that if they were questioned by police about the case that they should only talk to police with a lawyer present.

During the meeting, Quanell X also asked people to donate money to the defense funds for two of those arrested in the case.

After the meeting, many in attendance told reporters that the girl had consented to the sex.

“She lied about her age. Them boys didn’t rape her. She wanted this to happen. I’m not taking nobody’s side, but if she hadn’t put herself in that predicament, this would have never happened,” said Angie Woods, who lives in Houston but grew up in Cleveland.

My, my, my!  Thank you so much ANGIE WOODS of HOUSTON TEXAS for explaining to the world how an 11 year old girl can avoid a gang rape by 18 (or more) grown men by not lying about her age and by not putting ones self in such predicaments!  Because ANGIE WOODS as YOU STATED this 11 year old girl CLEARLY “wanted this to happen”… (How ASININE can one person REALLY BE?).
My head hurts, my stomach is in knots and I want to vomit… I cannot even think about this anymore…

Know How To Handle Differences Of Opinion

Some of you may know by now that I work from home. I own and operate a Texas state registered Childcare home called Love’s Child. You may also be aware that I am a full time student at University of Phoenix. My last day care child leaves my home at around 6-6:30pm daily. Once all my daycare children are gone I clean up the days activities, dishes, toys, disinfect everything, vacuum the rugs and then commence to doing homework. I have very little time left for blogging, hence the very sporadic blog posts! However today I felt I needed to take a minute to write about something because I found it interesting…

There is an individual whom I came across in the blog world about two years ago. We developed an Internet friendship. Not only were we blog buddies but we also became Facebook friends. I was drawn to this individual because I liked the drive and energy that I saw. This person is young, African American, and college educated, a Journalism enthusiast, as well as active in the community. I felt this was a person on the way to being an awesome role model for other young people and even told them that. I saw so much growth in the years I knew this person. We shared words of wisdom, spiritual truths as well as daily realisms.

I supported this individual as best I could for a distance relationship, I visited and commented on their blog posts, I visited and commented on their facebook page, I viewed their ireports, as well as read the other writings they had on the Internet. Well one day back in July, this individual had a piece of writing published on the Huffington post. so I went by to read and comment. It so happens that this contribution was politically based. This should have raised a red flag in my mind but it did not! We have had differences of political opinions before. I would say my piece, they would say their piece and we move on. Not so this time! Below is this individual’s published commentary, my response to it and then the response back to me.

Original commentary via the Huffington post July 27, 2010

President Obama is coming back to town next week for a birthday party. Unfortunately, there have been too many families in this city gathering for funerals instead of celebrations. In the past two months, we have lost three Chicago police officers to the same violence they worked to keep the public safe from. But still no action plan from the White House.

Two months ago, I wrote about this issue and that blog was featured in a local news report. However, I am starting to learn that the pen is not always mightier than the sword. Money talks and everything else seems to be walking around our neighborhoods asking for votes. And I am not saying that we should depend on anybody but ourselves to change this problem. Yet there is an issue of us doing more work than our politicians.

We can mediate verbal conflicts before they turn violent, but it is the responsibility of government agencies like the ATF (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives) to provide information about how these guns are getting into our communities. The last time I checked, there weren’t a lot of shootings in ritzy Chicago suburbs like Highland Park, Winnetka, or Naperville. Most of the shootings occur in low income neighborhoods. It seems like you need money to keep guns away from your community.

It would be nice if those poor residents (like myself) could afford a ticket to the DNC fundraiser in Chicago that the President is attending. Sure, he wouldn’t have time to entertain any of those matters because he is President of “the United States of America” and not “poor folks in Chicago.” But for some reason, poor folks in Chicago don’t feel so American anymore. People don’t see that our issue is an American issue. They see it is as something that only affects them if “those people” show up at a popular food festival (known by some as “The Taste of Chicago”) and start a commotion.

Whether anyone agrees with me or not, I’m going to keep waiting by my window until Mr. President sees me as an American citizen and not a black guy from Chicago trying to get media attention. (That’s probably why his administration keeps ignoring me.)

Folks have criticized me for being an opportunist, but that couldn’t be any further from the truth. I’ve even had my closest friends and family passionately disagree with me about this issue. They say, “Zack, we must hold (Chicago) Mayor Daley accountable!” or “These thugs don’t even know who Obama is.” While I disagree with my friend’s assumptions of the political savvy of street thugs, I understand their viewpoints.

But I’m going to stand for what’s right–even if I have to stand alone sometimes.

And I don’t want to hear from Robert Gibbs, the President’s press secretary. If we have time for Beer Summits and banter about Shirley Sherrod, we have time for the kids in Chicago who might not make it back to their first day of school.

I’m not asking the White House to do our job for us; I’m asking the folks in the White House to do their job for us.

So I read it and then I commented:

Hmmm, I’m a bit confused. What exactly is it that you are waiting by the window for the President to do? There is gun violence everywhere not just in your Chicago. New York, Detroit, California, some of the toughest gangs are actually in Arkansas with phenomenal gun related deaths and the list goes on. Is a gun related crime more devastating than a white collar crime of a suburban man siphoning millions from elder SSI accounts? Ritzy suburbs have crime right along with everyone else. Maybe instead of standing around and congregating on the streets, the suburban criminals are on the internet, and in the banks and in the PTA. Crime is crime, and it happens everywhere. Or are you exhibiting reverse racism by thinking that since Obama comes from Chicago and is black then Obama must be responsible? Gun violence did not start with this administration and it will surely not end with this administration. And do you honestly thing the ATF is going to come and tell you where the guns are coming from?? The only way to clean up any neighborhood, any city is person by person, block by block, one small battle at a time. We cannot stop celebrating life for fear of the crime that over runs our communities but we do have to do our part to stop the disease of crime that effects all of us. So keep sitting by your window, hope you get the answers you seek…

Then the person responded to me:

Nope, “Sitting by the window” is a figurative expression in this case.

I realize that violence is everywhere­…includi­ng Washington, D.C. But our violence epidemic is so unique that it’s gaining national attention. The other cities have not had at least 5 bloody weekends over the summer and spring where 40 folks were shot each time- but Chicago has.

No matter how much I complain, he probably won’t do it for those reasons. But what angers me the most are people who hold Obama accountable for health care but not the prevention of future deaths and injuries due to violence.

But you can’t take my voice from me.

So we both said our piece, right, wrong or indifferent. In my mind we moved on, BUT then I found out that this person “DELETED” me from their Facebook friends. Wow, that’s interesting. But I’m thinking it can’t be over the article… there must be some other reason. So I sent them a message asking why I was deleted and got no response. Then I sent another message saying, I’m not sure why you deleted me but when you are ready to talk about it let me know! Then I kept it moving, because life was still going on! Then here I am almost 4 months later and I received a message from this person.

I am sorry for my behavior but I did not like your response to my Obama article. I felt like you cheered me on via Facebook but belittled me on Huffington Post. Other than that, I do miss your wit and candor.

*extending the olive branch*

So my response was this…

No worries & No hard feelings! Everyone has their own voice and opinions, perhaps my delivery was wrong. But in any event if you felt belittled or attacked than I humbly apologize because that was never my intention. I always tried to cheer you on because I feel that our young black people are exposed to so much negativity and not enough love and support. This does not mean that I will disregard my own feelings and opinions(which I have no problems voicing, sometimes to a fault!). But again, all is forgiven! Let’s keep it moving! Stay Blessed! ~JRS~

So the message for today is, Know How To Handle Differences Of Opinion. In life people will NOT always agree with you. EVERYONE is entitled to their own opinion. GREAT MINDS THINK FOR THEMSELVES! Deal with it and MOVE ON!

Peace & Love All!


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Time Moves On & The News Is Dreary…

Wow, it has been so long since I have updated this blog that it took me about 30 minutes to remember the user name and password!  I have not been here since June, that is about 3 months.

But the news has certainly not slowed down any. There is still death, destruction, crime, lies, and brutality.  I was watching the news with my daughter the other night and she shook her head and said, “How can you watch this all the time, it is so depressing.”.  She is absolutely correct the news is very depressing, but we do not live in a bubble and we can not be ignorant to what goes on around us.

Ignorance is NOT bliss in today’s society. WE NEED TO STAY INFORMED!

Some recent News stories:

Mark Zuckerberg CEO of Facebook will donate $100 Million to Newark New Jersey public schools. Folks are complaining and wondering about his motives. Really?? Who cares! The schools are getting much needed money!

Similac  powdered baby formula removed from store shelves because of tainted formula. Hmmm, so that’s why God made Breasts…

Prominent Atlanta Pastor, Bishop Eddie Long accused of coercion and sexual misconduct by 3 young men. Well, it is what it is, keep praying and let God handle the rest.

Iranian President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad told the UN General Assembly that the U.S. Government orchestrated the 9/11 attacks.  Hmmm, I wouldn’t want to be this dude on a dark NYC street…

11 Year old babysitter kills 2-year-old girl. Lots of questions here, starting with, Why the hell is an 11-year-old babysitting a 2-year-old???

Reggie Garret, a Texas high school quarterback collapses and dies after throwing touchdown pass.  Many prayers go out to the family of this young man. Life is short and NO ONE is promised tomorrow.

Denver Broncos wide receiver, Kenny McKinley was found dead in his Colorado home. The investigation is on-going but the reports are saying that a self-inflicted gunshot wound killed him. What could be so bad with your life that at the ripe old age of 23 you want to kill yourself … besides being bored to death in Colorado?

Well, there you have it the news you have been missing!

The one thing I HATE to hear is, “The devil made me do it”.  WOW! OK, Let me be very clear about this folks, THE DEVIL CANNOT MAKE YOU DO A DARN THING!! Any and everything you do is because YOU CHOSE TO DO IT! Even if someone holds a gun to your head YOU make the choice to get shot or not. EVERYTHING WE DO IS A CHOICE!

Another thing… BEFORE you start accusing, judging, agreeing or disagreeing, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, get ALL of the FACTS!

God sits high and looks low, Let GOD judge, NOT YOU!

You don’t have to be Ms Cleo to see troubling times ahead…

Peace & Love

Death At A Funeral… WTH!

I really have no more words for this foolishness.  This is beyond all the words I can think of including … STUPID, RIDICULOUS, CRAZY, DUMB, SILLY, IDIOTIC, FOOLISH, UNINTELLIGENT, ASININE and anything else that you may come up with.

According to, 1 man was wounded and two other men were killed after a funeral.  This is sad and ironic (not to mention MORONIC!).

According to the news story,

Police said the three shooting victims were attending a funeral when quarreling broke out among the mourners.

About 1:30 p.m., the argument resumed, and the three victims were shot during a post-funeral gathering in the backyard of a residence on the 4700 block of South Forrestville Avenue.

Read the entire story HERE.


15-Year Old Boy Set On Fire By His Peers…

Fifteen year old Michael Brewer escaped death… barely. This 15-year-old boy was the victim of a ruthless attack by other youth which landed Brewer in the hospital where he is expected to stay for 5 months.  A few weeks ago another youth, Derrion Albert was attacked by a group of his peers and Derrion was beaten to death.

art.brewer.wforMichael Brewer was not beaten, he was set on fire!  That’s right, you read it correctly.  15-year-old Michael Brewer of Deerfield Beach, Florida was set on fire by a group of his peers.  Brewer suffered 2nd degree burns over 80% of his body.  Michael Brewer is in critical condition in a hospital and is expected to be there recovering for the next 5 months.  Read the CNN news story about Michael Brewer HERE.

You may wonder what would possess a group of teens to set another teen on fire and then laugh about it.  What was the motive for this heinous crime??  Well the apparent motivation is snitching!  Yes, snitching.  Michael Brewer owed one of the suspects $40 for a video game and had not paid it yet.  So in retaliation the suspect stole Brewer’s father’s bike.  Well Brewer told (or snitched) who stole the bike.  The suspect was arrested and later released.  Then a few days later in the Deerfield Beach, Florida apartment complex where Brewer lived the suspect and four others surrounded Brewer, threw rubbing alcohol on him and then set him on fire.  Nothing justifies setting someone on fire, especially not $40 or snitching!

Our Youth should be declared an endangered species!  Every day I look at the news there are stories of youth being killed, murdered, dying.  It is not just black youth that I am concerned about, but ALL of the youth!  This is an epidemic.  Our youth are leaving this earth in epic proportions!  Our parents are crying oceans of tears and our graveyards are becoming over-crowded with the dead and empty promises of youth stolen away.

What CAN we do?

What SHOULD we do?

What WILL we do?

My Heart Is Heavy, I Have Been Watching The News.

I have not blogged here since August 5th. I have made a decision to be more regular with this blog and my other blog “Regina’s Family Seasons“.

This blog was originally set up for me to just talk about the news, but alas it was depressing me. I am going to dig a little deeper after tonight’s post to find some news that is uplifting and positive.
But for tonight my heart is heavy…
I am highlighting and linking to 5 news stories that have me on my knees crying out to the Father.

  1. Derrion Albert 16 year old honors student beaten to death on the way home from a Chicago school. Video of Derrion Albert’s beating HERE.Derrion Albert
  2. China Arnold, 28 years old found guilty of killing her 1 month old baby Parris Talley.  The drunken China Arnold allegedly put the baby in the microwave and cooked her for more than 2 minutes.460-china-arnold_792850c
  3. 240 Dead in Philippines flooding.  Bodies are still being discovered amongst all of the devastation of last weeks floods in Manila.philippian flood
  4. According to Fox News,  a mother Larhonda Marie McCall was arrested in Oklahoma City for allegedly abusing and holding her 14-year-old son captive, often in a closet for 4 1/2 years.MUG-McCall
  5. McKenzie Phillips former child star of the sitcom “One Day At A Time”  comes clean about a drug induced, molestation turned consensual, incestuous sexual relationship with her father.  Her father was famed singer/musician John Phillips of the 60’s pop group Mamas and Papas.  McKenzie’s stepmother, Michelle Phillips also of the Mamas and Papas is denying the story, but McKenzie’s younger sister Bijou Phillips (also an actress) says she knew about it.  Now whether this “relationship” started out as abuse/molestation and then over the years turned into a consensual relationship only they know.  The fact that her father not only introduced her to drugs BUT also supplied her with drugs; and the fact that her father repeatedly had sexual relations with her, for a period of 10 years is my issue.  Our jobs as parents is to love, protect, nurture and train up a child.  What this “parent” did was beyond disgusting, beyond despicable, beyond horrific.  There are no words for this atrocity.  I pray that she can move beyond the media backlash and finally move on with her day at a time

    So as you can see the news is definitely weighing on my heart.  As I sit here typing this post, I look up at my daughter across the room, watching television, as she rubs her belly perhaps soothing the child inside.  I am thinking what kind of world are you about to enter into little one?  What lies in wait for you?  The harder it gets to pray means the more needed the prayers are…

    My heart is heavy…

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