Casualties of War – Cathy Hughes vs Mathew Knowles

News about  Matthew Knowles (Beyonce’s father) is in my Twitter and Facebook news feed again.  I wish this man would go sit down someplace or something!  Evidently, Cathy Hughes, founder of Radio One has filed a law suit against Matthew Knowles’ Music World Music.  The base of the problem here appears to be that Mathew Knowles & Music World Music gave exclusive rights to the Essence Music Festival to Cathy Hughes’ cable channel TVone.  But according to EUR, “His company is being accused of re-issuing the content BET, MTV and BET’s Centric Network despite TV One’s four-year exclusivity agreement” (EUR

So, TVone’s sister company, Radio One has pulled ALL Music World artists out of rotation!  On the surface I think given the circumstances it was a good move.  HOWEVER, beneath the surface are the Casualties Of War!  These casualties are the artists caught in the middle who have nothing at all to do with the deal that Mathew Knowles made with Cathy Hughes and TV One.  I mean gospel artists like, Trin-I-Tee 5:7, Brian Courtney Wilson, Vanessa Bell Armstrong, Micah Stampley, who are among the talent on the Music World Gospel roster.  Radio One has gospel stations across the country and removing these and other gospel artists from play rotation is a massive blow to these artists.  Gospel artist are already in a market struggling to be valid.  They often lack the funding, marketing, and exposure that secular artists receive.  Which ultimately means they are not selling.  I know that Brian Courtney Wilson and Micah Stampley both had songs in the top 10 on the Billboard Gospel Charts a few months ago.  I imagine that constant rotation on Radio one stations had a great deal to do with that.

It is a shame that good gospel artists are caught in this nasty crossfire between Cathy Hughes and Mathew Knowles.  They are now casualties of war!

Read about the Cathy Hughes ban on Music World Artists HERE.

Read about Mathew Knowles response to the ban HERE.




Love And Hip-Hop … Music

I have a very SERIOUS question……

What in the world happened to R&B/Soul Music??  Seriously, I want to know.  This is a pet peeve of mine.  I have very interesting music taste so I listen to an array of things BUT I do not want to listen to Jazz, all the time or Neo-Soul, all the time or Gospel all the time or even my beloved Big Band Swing all the time!  Sometimes I want to hear some good old R&B, some love songs, something you can dream about. But UNFORTUNATELY there is none!
I have “old” music on my tablet that stays in heavy rotation like anything by Marvin Gaye, Promise by Jagged Edge, Lately by Tyrese, There Goes My Baby by Usher, Cab Ride by Tweet (LOL! Yes, I said Tweet, you remember her) etc.  But where are all the current songs about LOVE? I mean LOVE, not the songs about “Hit It and Quit It”, not the songs about dropping it low, or the songs about friends with benefits.
AND ANOTHER THING, another Pet peeve is why must every song have a rapper on it????  As soon as I think something is sounding good, I am getting a good head nod going, all of a sudden I hear Wale, or Lil Wayne, or Rick Ross.  Sorry people, just so you know a rapper on every track does not make it a hit, it just makes me turn it off!
Another thing, STOP trying to blend or annihilate the genres!  My R&B/Soul should NOT be sounding like POP music, RAP should NOT be sounding like R&B, POP should not be sounding like HIP-HOP!  UGHHHH! Yes I am frustrated because I want to listen to something good but something current!  Is there currently NO GOOD MUSIC??? (By the way, side note – I think today’s HIP-HOP is GARBAGE! But that is a rant for another day!)
If you go to Billboard, you will find a category that says Top HIP-HOP & R&B.  On this list you have…

  1. Ni**as In Paris – Jay-Z & Kanye West
  2. Party – Beyonce & Andre 3000
  3. Lotus Flower Bomb – Wale & Miquel
  4. Headlines – Drake
  5. She Will- Lil Wayne & Drake
  6. Dance (A$$) – Big Sean & Nicki Minaj
  7. That Way – Wale, Jermemih & Rick Ross
  8. Body 2 Body – Ace Hood & Chris Brown
  9. 5 o’clock – T-Pain, Wiz Khalifa & Lily Allen
  10. Make Me Proud – Drake & Nicki Minaj

Do you see this NONSENSE??? First of all I am mad that R&B has to share a category with HIP-HOP, but I am even MADDER because there is NO real R&B in the R&B category!!!  Come on people pull it together.  There has to be someone out there who can sing AND I DO NOT MEAN MJB!!!  Is there no one current from this decade who can sing????
Well, I’m off to listen to Marvin Gaye & Luther…

Peace & Love All

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DMX, Oh Yea, I Remember Him

Back in my party days I was a BIG fan of rapper DMX.  He had one of the BEST concerts I have ever been to.  He was honest and raw and always quick to show and tell of his struggles with following God versus Following the world.  This is the only rapper I have EVER SEEN open a concert in prayer and close in a prayer that would almost make you want to cry and go to church …if you were not yelling and screaming at a DMX concert!
His struggles with drugs, life, and a multitude of other issues are well documented and well publicized.  So when I saw that he was going to be on Dr. Drew, I said good I hope he can finally get the help that he needs.  While surfing the web yesterday I found this video of DMX and was pleasantly surprised!  I have posted the video and followed it with the lyrics so that you can read them because it is a message that only DMX could bring in this fashion!  Love him or hate him but X GONNA GIVE IT TO YA!  (Make sure you read the lyrics, GOD IS able!).

DMX – Keep Ya Head Up Lyrics

DMX – Keep Ya Head Up Lyrics

Keep your head to the sky
Keep your head to the sky
[DMX – Verse 1]
When I think I don’t deserve it, I think about Jesus
And the fact that He was perfect and He thinks that I’m worth it
I know I got a purpose
So when I don’t like what I see in the mirror
I learn to look passed the surface
Believe me God heard this,
Cause these words came from my heart
I was in pain, it was dark
Then came the spark to light down the road
To let me know that He would lighten up my load
And it’s gon’ get greater, later
God only wants the best for me
But the devil’s a hater
I can see his eyes through the smiles of fake friends
If yall think hate wins just keep
At the end of the day who’s will will you think will prevail
Or will you live to tell
Miracle after miracle it comes true
The spiritual individual is in you
Keep your head to the sky
Keep your head to the sky
[DMX – Verse 2]
Lord if You hear me,
You know that I’m coming to you sincerely
I need You near me, please feel me
I’m sick and I need for You to heal me
I’m lost and looking for the real me
I’m tired and weary
Haven’t been able to see things clearly
And even though I know you love me dearly
I still get leery
So where does that leave me?
Lost and alone
I wanna call God but it’s like I lost my phone
Every day is a struggle cause I juggle my problems
Need to let go and let God
Cause only He can solve them
I’m tired of lying to myself
Thinking I could do it on my own
When I get left alone
When the devil sneaks in and creeps in
Knocks on the door lightly than peeks in
And it’s usually around the weekend
Then I get reckless and jump off the deep end
Come on

I LOVE IT!!! Of course I know A LOT of RELIGIOUS people will have a lot to say, BUT I say GOD WILL HAVE HIS WAY BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY!!

Be Blessed,

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Christian Rap … Tedashii

If you like Christian hip hop then you will like Tadashii!
I found a video of Tadashii /Feat. Lecrae performing “Dum Dum”

And this is the video of my dance team working it out to the same song! The dance team performed this song last Friday at our IGNITE Youth event and they performed it again on Sunday morning during church service. For the song the dance team referenced a scripture …

1 Corinthians 2:14

14But the natural man receiveth not the things of the Spirit of God, for they are foolishness unto him; neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned.

So about that Christian rap… Here are the words to the song that my daughter and TPHFW dance team ministered to last Friday night at the youth event.

Lyrics to the song “Dum Dum” by Tedashii featuring Lecrae
Lecrae: Aye listen, Real Skinny
Loud Color Tenni’s
Body marked Up Like Graffiti
I don’t push a Maserati, Beamer, Benz or Bentley
And yeah I roll a foreign, and yes I’m looking spiffy
Go ahead and doubt us, but what you know about us
We aint gotta follow them (No), we take another route-a
No we aint blowin trees bro, open up my window
I see you poppin tags, but you know that’s why yo ends
I tried to tell em we was comin’, go on, let us in
Why they hatin’ like we all a bunch of Hooligans?
No Gimmicks, Spirit in my lyrics
Know when people hear it they gon’ love or they gon fear it
And how we flow, when we show up at a show
They say we go S.O. hard in the paint, they can’t wait
for some moe’
But some others say we preachin’, some close-minded
Like we aint heard of Marx, Locke, and Nietzsche,
Believe me

Lecrae: Eh, They Don’t know about us, they don’t, they
don’t know about us
They, They, they don’t know about us, they don’t know
They think we Dum, Dum Diddy Dum, Dum
Tedashii: But they Gon’ know, they gon’ know about us
They gon’ know about us, they gon’ know about us
Oh they gon’ know about us, they gon’ know about us

6,2, 2 plus, go on add it up
(Hey, that’s a big problem, call it Calculus)
Math on some track, but content like I had enough
Long hair, don’t care, Samoan plus I’m tatted up
I know this blow ya mind, and I aint blowin pine
Not talkin’ women lookin skimpy every otha line
Yeah, I got a dime, about to make her mine
Life in Christ got me finished like a crossed a line
With the way that you’re telling me to sell, sell out
Nah man it’s so foolish, done tryin to be you and don’t
Mis-fit, I don’t trip, everybody hate Chris
They sayin get with this, just like a membership
They talkin’ slick like this is it, but it’s just
I say I’m interested, they say ‘you different’
Oh, you gon’ know even if you don’t let us in


Dum on em, dum on em, like I could be
Dum on em, dum on em, like you should be
Dum on em, dum on em, like I would be
Dum on em, dum on em, yeah that’s cool with me


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Christian Rap… Love It or Hate It?

Christian Rap…. Do you LOVE IT or HATE IT or never even considered it?
I personally have retired my rap era UNLESS it really, really catches my ear. And that goes for Christian rap and secular rap. Secular has done nothing but disgust me over the years. I like the lyrical content, not just a catchy beat (even though I must admit, on “All I Do Is Win”, I mainly like the hook, the hype, and the beat!!!)! It has to say something that makes sense to me in order for me to like it. The last two secular rap songs that I actually really liked were Jay Z & Alicia Keys on “Empire State of Mind” and DJ Khaled on “All I Do Is Win”. I like the message of Lil Wayne’s “How To Love” (but not the actual song). Now Christian rap, yea that has struggled. I think in part because rap goes hard and it may be kind of difficult to GO HARD lyrically talking about heaven and God! That is a mixture that many have tried but few have mastered.
I absolutely HATE when someone takes an entire song and just adds new lyrics to it. Sampling is one thing but to take the entire song and just add your lyrics is not sampling OR remixing! That lacks creativity and originality to me. Which is why I had such issues with Monica‘s song “Everything To Me“. From the beginning of that song to the end all I heard was Deniece William‘s “Silly“! If I hear your song and ALL I really hear is the original than we have a problem! For me and effective sample is, while the song plays you can slightly hear a quick snatch of something familiar but you can’t put your finger on it! THAT is a sample! That is also why I was not feeling the “All I Do Is Win” christian version. Seriously?? You can not come up with your own song?? Just because you add the words “heaven, God, or favor” does not make it OK to use the entire song and name it the “christian version”!!! If you are going to do it, then do it right and make it worth my time!!
Anyway that is the end of my rant about sampling, creativity, and originality!!
I like rap that has a positive impact on the younger generation and too much of today’s current rap has the exact OPPOSITE EFFECT. But, I kind of like Tadashii. It is Christian rap, it goes hard, it is positive, uplifting, and catchy! (And my daughter has danced to one of Tadashii’s songs!)!
I know A LOT of Sanctified, Saved, Christian people say there is no place for rap/hip hop in the church BUT I say BLASPHEMY!!! How are we going to reach a younger generation for Christ if you are still singing old negro spirituals? You can give the younger generation the Word of God in a medium that they understand and can relate to. God can use ANY MEDIUM, ANY BODY, and ANY METHOD He sees fit to use in order to get His word out. Just because YOU do not understand the medium does not mean it is not effective!

Don’t Hate What YOU Don’t Understand!

Be Blessed!


(Oh yea, Part 2 of this post follows. Check out the following post and video!)

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Psst…Your Ignorance Is Showing.

I missed the Grammy’s last night because I had something better to do with my time! I was spending some quality movie time with my family!
But I did record it on the DVR, and I may even get around to actually watching it this weekend! But man oh man, my twitter time line was crazy last night. Some shows really bring out the ignorance in folks. SMH! Before I went to bed I skimmed the twitter feed and some of the trending tweets and WHOA people were really upset!!

Grown people were reduced to calling names, insulting clothes, hair, body and everything else! When people look at today’s youth and wonder why they are disrespectful, ignorant, and asinine, some of those same people need to take a good look at themselves. Some of the tweets I read were complimenting and congratulatory but the vast majority of them were childish and ignorant (you ADULTS should be ashamed of yourselves!).

If YOU do not like jazz, that is fine but it does NOT mean that jazz ARTISTS are any less deserving or artistic than pop singers! Pull yourself together America, your ignorance is showing!

I love this cover of Stevie Wonder’s Overjoyed! Oh, By the way, CONGRATULATIONS ESPERANZA SPALDING! Very well deserved!

Overjoyed – Esperanza Spalding

Esperanza Spalding

Peace & Love All!

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Old School Friday Has Moved!!

If you are looking for my Old School Friday post please update your link because Old School Friday has out grown this spot! Old School Friday has moved to Regina’s Old School Friday Spot!
So go by and check out some music there!!

Peace & Love!

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